Support For Gay Marriage

By Kerry Dawson

When this subject does come there are always mixed opinions and some people don’t even know what they think on the subject. In this modern society where equality is campaigned for regularly why can’t same sex couples get married? There is nothing wrong with it and there are many well-known people that do support it.

Same sex marriage is not legal within the UK but a civil partnership is legal between same sex couples. Microsoft founder Bill Gates although heterosexual himself donated $100,000 to a gay rights group to offer support for them. By having such famous backing it can help change the minds of some people who seem to follow like sheep. With equality and diversity so important to people this should be the same throughout and everyone should be treated equally. It is a basic human right to let people marry whoever.

There are 3 basic human rights which support this, one is “The right to love” and this means everyone should have the right to love whoever they want. When this is said it means anyone, man or woman. The second Human right states “The right to express his or her sexual orientation” which means if you want to love somebody of the same sex then you most definitely can. The 3rd human right states “The right to express oneself”. So if you add these human rights together you can come up with: “Everybody should have the right to express their love for someone whether they love a man or a woman” and what better way to express your love for somebody than by getting married. People have been getting married for years and as society develops so should the laws.

Other countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and more all have legalised same sex marriage and these countries are just as big economically as we are. The fact that other countries can legalise same sex marriage means that they recognise that society has changed. The only reason that most countries will not legalize same sex marriage is because of the countries heritage and religion. This sis the case within the UK as the Protestant and Catholic history of our country has always condemned same sex marriage. The country needs to move with the modern times like other countries have. Countries that are based around more religious beliefs like South Africa have legalised gay marriage as although most people in the country are religious they believe that everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights.

Civil partnerships were introduced into the UK in 2004 and were widely accepted. Legendary singer Elton John entered into a civil partnership with his partner David Furnish soon after the law was introduced. But if the government is going to recognise a relationship between same sex couples why can’t they legalize same sex marriage. This falls back to the fact that they realize time has moved on but they will not go against their historical values which are now outdated. Governments think they have realized the equality by introducing the civil partnership but true equality will not be reached until same sex marriage is legalised.

It is basic discrimination by not allowing same sex marriage. This is as mentioned before they are taking away the human rights. It is definitely wrong to discriminate against anyone which is why racism laws and sexism laws were introduced but they left out this one. By allowing same sex marriage they can allow people to go about their business and be happy knowing they are treated equal no matter of their sexual orientation.

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