Taking The Next Level And Purchasing A Ring

By Maria Causley

You’ve finally found the woman of your dreams .There’s no denying it. You would like to spend every waking time next to her, and when you are apart, you feel as if your life just does not have any meaning.

Yes, that’s love.

But are you ready for a commitment yet? Are you ready to take her hand and walk through the ups and downs on life’s road and ensure she always feels needed, safe, wanted, and loved? Are you ready for… marriage?

While some of you may be shaking your own heads yes , telling me you’re indeed ready to get down on one knee, get married, and stand by her side all through your life, I recognize some of you are probably afraid to death at the thought. You know you’re committed to her. You don’t want anyone else in your life. But the idea of marriage is something you need to think for a long time about.

These two viewpoints are different, and they provide us an exceptional insight to the difference between promise rings and engagement rings.

The Difference Between Promise and Engagement Rings

Promise rings are rings offered to a woman or man before a diamond engagement ring is presented. This ring does not signify a commitment to marriage, but rather a commitment to a monogamous relationship with that particular romantic partner. It may also symbolize the will to marry, in time. These rings can be donned on the left ring finger , but are generally donned on other fingers in order that they are not confused with actual engagement rings.

Engagement rings, certainly, are presented to a romantic partner when you’re ready for the life time commitment of marriage . They often come after a promise ring, if one is given, and are made to be the type of ring a woman would love to wear for the rest of her life.

Why Are Promise Rings Used?

Because promise rings are usually much less costly and elaborate compared to engagement rings, they are usually used as ‘place holders.’ When a young man is attempting to save up for an engagement ring, he presents his love with this place holder to show his intended bride he is committed to the relationship and does not want her to go anywhere.

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