Tips For Couples Selecting Custom Wedding Invitations

A wedding can take a year’s worth of decisions and preparations. From the venue to the clothes, to the music, to the vows, it seems like there’s enough pressure to make your head spin! Not to mention that each and every decision you make is based on a budget that either you and/or your parents are funding. You want all the little details to come out perfect without fear of running over budget before the bigger items on the preparations list. That’s why so many couples opt to find affordable wedding invitations.

You can still find a wide array of custom wedding invitations without going over your allocated budget. First set your price range and only search within that limit. One way to refine the search is by choosing a theme. Your wedding has a theme–it may not be a distinct country chic or urbanite extravaganza, nor something quirky or unique like goth or punk, but it probably follows some stylistic motifs. The other elements such as the venue, dress, and cake will dictate whether or not you’re holding a traditional or modern wedding. A lot of specifically themed invites will cost less than the more generic or classic-looking ones. Designs with bright colors and different text not only add personality, they will save you money because they’re so specific they won’t be as in demand.

Another way to save money is by looking for your cards early. The closer it is to the wedding, especially if it’s in season the more you will pay. You can look for discounts when it’s not wedding season, once again because there is less demand. Also, this works to your benefit because then when you order the custom wedding invitations you get a long enough time to change them or to review potential errors in the printing before having to send them out. You want to make sure that it’s all perfect anyway so why not give yourself the time to do so without feeling rushed?

Another way to save is by selecting the card from the printer you use for detailing and text. If you use an all-in-one service you are more likely to get deals and discounts than ordering the blank cards and then having to get them customized someplace else. Look for places that manage both ends of the card business, sales and printing.

These are just some of the ways you can get affordable cards for your guests and still have something nice to showcase.

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