Titanium Vs. Platinum Wedding Band Jewelry

When choosing diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, most people automatically go gold or silver. While those are great choices, and they’re classic, it’s not the only options you have. Also keep in mind that gold and silver are much softer metals and are therefore, not as durable as some of your other options. Many people are leaning more towards platinum and titanium because of their beautiful luster and durability. Platinum has always been a wonderful choice for women and more men are seeking out titanium wedding bands. But if you’re interested in these two, which should you choose for diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and just any other type of jewelry?

The first big difference is color. While both fall into the “gray” category, titanium is a much darker gray than platinum. Platinum is brighter like white gold. Both choices will always pair well with what you’re wearing though, so you might feel like you have more flexibility with these two metals.

The next major difference in the weight and overall feel of the jewelry. Titanium is actually very lightweight, which is why the metal is often used in construction, such as an aircraft or space shuttle, among other things. In terms of jewelry though, titanium is very comfortable to wear. It’s perfect for people who do not normally like the feeling the weight of jewelry. Platinum on the other hand is extremely heavy compared to other metals. It is cool to the touch, hard, and will resist bending out of shape. It you like knowing you’re wearing jewelry, you will enjoy the weight of it.

In terms of durability, consumers can go with either choice. Both are extremely durable and resist scratches and dents better than silver and gold. Platinum and titanium are also hypoallergenic and resistant to corrosion. These are key qualities for people worried about damaging their rings because of constant wear. If choosing a metal for engagement rings and wedding bands, these metals just make sense because you will most likely be wearing them every single day. People who work with their hands a lot will feel more comfortable knowing they cannot easily damage the ring.

Both platinum and titanium come in different finishes, highly polished and brushed. Brushed finishes give more of a matte look. It’s up to the wearer which he or she prefers.

The final factor is price. Platinum is a rare metal and therefore more expensive. For those on a budget, titanium is much more affordable, it’s often cheaper than gold jewelry. Both are unique and interesting choices. Look to reputable jewelers to find high quality bands at competitive prices.

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