Ways To Save Time Planning Your Wedding: Custom Wedding Invitations and More

Although we all wish the best for weddings, sometimes things come up that put a wrench in the planning. Whether there is a sick relative, an emergency, or sudden job relocation, couples sometimes have to be prepared for the unexpected. This means having to plan a wedding under constraints. In order to do so, the couple needs to find simple ways and smart scheduling to condense the preparation time. One way to speed up planning is to ensure that you get your custom wedding invitations sooner, send them out, and request an early deadline.

One upside to quick planning is that you can find a lot of ready-made affordable wedding invitations that look fantastic, and are still extremely customizable. You can select the font, the wording, and the pieces you want in the set. When you find a vendor that sells pre-designed customizable invitations, you really save the time of starting from scratch. You don’t have to set-up appointments and meet several times, nor request an artist. What you get is a wide variety of ornate custom wedding invitations for your choosing. Then you order them requesting the specifics. And, better yet, if you order them online you will cut the order and delivery time. You can have them sent directly to you, and then all you have to do is fill out the envelopes. How easy does that make your life?

And you should make it clear that you need answers by a deadline. If you’re not getting responses by then, you should be politely calling guests to request an answer. You can use your discretion sending out a little memo apologizing for the rushed response should you feel it necessary, but if you send out the invites six or more weeks in advance then you will have time. If the wedding date has to be changed, you must also be prepared to inform all the guests the minute you have the new date set.

Simple changes to your planning make a big difference. Things like invitations, gift registries, and venue and music selection can all be done pretty quickly. What takes the most time is honestly waiting on guests to reply. That means that you should try and search for venues that can hold both smaller and large groups, and then you have a few lined up so when you get the head count you have already contacted them and just need to update the reservation status. From there you can decide if a live band or DJ is best suited for the room. Thus, having the invites out sooner, speeds up everything.

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