Wedding Marquee Hire

By Harry Smith

Marquees are becomingly an increasingly popular option for all kinds of events, and this is especially true for weddings. They are very versatile, with very element tailored to meet specific needs. They are portable, flexible, available in a variety of styles and sizes, and are perfect for any type of weather. As such, marquees can be the perfect option to house memorable bespoke events. And what can be more memorable and one of a kind than a wedding!

The word marquee can conjure up different images in different people’s minds. This is because marquees are actually available in numerous different shapes, colours, sizes and styles. There are the basic marquees, that are designed to be portable shelter and just that, then there are the more elaborate marquees that can also make a style statement.

The great thing about having weddings in marquees is that you can seamlessly transform the space to match the theme of the wedding. The interiors can be done up exactly the way you want, by customising different elements in the space, such as lighting and furniture. It’s like building a film set from scratch!

As far as the exterior goes, there are many ways to go – from elegant traditional marquees to Bedouin tents for a more exotic event. There is no shortage of options today, as marquees are becoming increasingly popular – not just for weddings but for a variety of events in general. So whatever your theme is, it is likely that you can find a suitable marquee to work with.

Planning a wedding is all about getting things perfect. Everything from the catering to the candlesticks needs to be planned to the last detail. It’s a lot like making a movie! The pre-production stage – finding the right suppliers, making sure you have explored all the options, trying very hard to stick to the budget, and finally the production stage – making sure it all goes smoothly!

Wedding bookings must be done well in advance and things like marquees can get booked up months before the event. Personal references are usually the best way to find reliable and quality suppliers. You can also search online, as well as by checking with local event planning agencies.

The supplier is usually the best person to advise you about what size you will require, depending on the number of guests as well the area of your site. They are also in the best position to give useful advice about other issues related to the venue, such as the layout within the marquee, lighting, carpets, and heating, as well as interior decor options – such as furniture. In fact, many suppliers also have affiliated sub-contractors that deal with furniture, lighting, heating and other facilities.

Little things when overlooked can turn into big things and cause havoc at the last minute. While hiring a marquee, or anything else related to the wedding for that matter, make sure you know the small print. Understand exactly what you’re paying for and what is not included in the service. For instance, is the supplier also responsible for transportation, or does the quote also include heating charges? These are just some of the questions that should be kept in mind when booking the marquee; the point is to make sure that there are no loose ends.

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