What Single Ladies Should Do About Men Who Fear Commitment

By Teecee Go

There is hardly any woman who would enjoy going through an endless dating process. Yet quite a good number of men do not show readiness of taking things any further, something that causes quite a great deal of frustration to their girlfriends. In case you find yourself with such a man, you may begin to wonder whether your efforts and time are going down the drain.

Many women would not like to have long-lasting friendships that do not culminate in marriage. You may therefore wait with great expectation for your boyfriend to propose. On the other hand, he may not seem to be even thinking towards that direction. Are you destined to suffer in silence? Not really. There are some simple things that you can do to influence your man to seriously consider walking down the aisle with you.

Don’t nag

When your boyfriend gives no indication of considering marriage any time in the near future, you may think that you should raise the issue by talking to him about it. However, this is something that you should avoid as much as you can. You will seem to be nagging him, and he will turn off. Your efforts will just make him more resistant as your relationship develops into a struggle.

Do not bring up any topic that borders on long-term commitment. In general, the men expect to be questioned as to what they think about the future. So, when you do not talk about the issue at all, he will be curious and take the relationship more seriously.

Let him miss you

If you are always available to your man, he will be contented and will hardly make any effort to push things beyond their present status. Therefore, if you want to encourage your guy to consider developing a lasting commitment, you should make him realize how it feels to miss you. Make some arrangements that will take you away from him for some time. Instead of going out with him, stay with your girlfriends.

In order for this method to be more effective, you should not get in touch with him during your time away. Even when he calls, you can let some calls go unanswered.

When your boyfriend begins to miss your company, he will take measures to develop a stronger commitment. A man who really loves you will want more commitment in order to avoid losing you.

In addition, this will show your independence, a quality that man usually like in their girlfriends. Men usually avoid women who seem to be all over them.

Such simple measures will help you to make your man to take your relationship more seriously. They will help you to steer your relationship towards the direction you want without actually appearing to do so.

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