What You Need To Know About Wedding Photographers Before You Make Your Choice

Oh snap! Your wedding is coming up! You’ve got the perfect dress, your caterer is lined up and your bridesmaids have finally stopped arguing – now it is time to consider how you are going to cherish these moments years from now. It is time to make the decision about wedding photographers. Here are a few things to consider before putting your money on the table.

Scope out your potential photographer

Look at blogs of a few wedding photographers – if they are shutter bugging in this day and age they have one. Each photographer has his or her own “voice” and you will be able to see that on the shots they include in their blog. Choose someone who has an aesthetic that you like. Be sure that it is in line with your wedding’s overall feeling. For example, if you are holding your wedding in a historical venue, you may want to consider a photographer with a vintage feel to his or her portfolio.

Develop a relationship

You don’t have to marry your photographer, but you want them to be on your side when you do tie the knot. When you go for a meeting, pay attention to how well you get along. Be sure you discuss a “shot list” – the moments that cannot be missed – and be sure they are on board with what you think is important. On the big day your photographer will spend a lot of time with you. In fact, he or she may spend more time with you than your bridal party! You want to have a great rapport with your photographer, and trust them to capture the things that are important to you.

Give you photographer a heads-up

Let your photographer know about any special family needs. They won’t know your family history, so if Aunt Linda hates Aunt Barbara because Aunt Barbara dissed Aunt Linda’s stuffing at The Great Thanksgiving Throw-down of 1997, your photographer needs to know to avoid grouping that potential wedding disaster together. A good photographer will also have some control over the people who are around you throughout the day. Consider a signal with your photographer that will let him or her know that you are becoming overwhelmed and need a minute of peace. A wedding photographer can clear the room with a simple, “And now I’d like to get some private portraits with the bride.”

Give your family a heads-up too

Let your family know that there will be a professional photographer present. Tell them that the pictures will be available at some point after the wedding. When your photographers arrive introduce them to the close members of your bridal party. There is nothing worse than a magical photograph spoiled because someone unintentionally photo-bombed it. Kindly let your friends and family know that, as much as they might want to capture your first kiss using their point and shoot set-up from the 1980s, it would be better if they didn’t hog the best view of the most important shots. Allow the photographer some room to capture the moment without being blocked. Good photographers will let the family get their personal shots in after they have their chance.

From your first dance to that horrible number Aunt Linda was wearing, you don’t want to miss a thing. Wedding photography can be a huge bite out of your wedding budget, often taking up more than 20 percent of money set aside for your nuptials, so selecting a photographer that shares your vision is vital. The actual event will go by in a whirlwind so your photographer will be the key to capturing your special day.

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