When Two Legends Meet

5-time MVP winner, Bill Russell was part of the legendary Boston Celtics team of the late fifties and sixties. Russell is a winner of the NBA championships eleven times, which is still a record.

Everyone knows the legacy of Muhammad Ali, arguably the greatest heavyweightoxer of all time. Ali was not just a champion but also enthralled the world in some of the most famous rivalries and fights of the 20th century. Muhammad Ali, the activist, is another crucial facet of his dynamic and fearless personality.

We also love the giants of the game, and very rarely so, these superstars interact and acknowledge each other on record. A picture of Bill Russell with Muhammad Ali, autographed by the basketball king himself, is a valuable artefact. ‘Ali is the Greatest’, scribbles the humble Bill Russell, who himself is considered one of the NBA’s greatest. It is a representation of the times when American sport reflected the changes in its society, and celebrated African-American sportsmen fought not just in the arena, but were part of a greater struggle beyond too. Their involvement in the Cleveland Summit is well documented, and these two represent the pinnacle of their respective disciplines.

Own a Piece of History

We love collectibles for many reasons. There is always a passion or a pastime that gives us a reason to feel alive. Those who follow a favourite sport would understand that it is a dedication for life. Many memorable evenings stay on in memory, as you witness great sporting events either live or on the TV.

We all have those sessions when we reminisce a famous win or a heartbreaking loss, the ‘I was there’ moments. The elation and the pain do not diminish even after years. Many people love to collect these memories in a more tangible form, a priceless token of an unforgettable moment or legacy.

Holding a piece of history in your hands and hanging it on your wall is a great feeling, a personal connection that you make to events or personalities that are now in the pages of history. Sometimes we look up to icons that reigned before our times, but provided us inspiration. At times, we find a collectible that triggers a personal moment, something meaningful in an intimate context –a promotional poster for your first ball game could be one such example.

How to Buy Collectibles

If you think you have stumbled upon something rare and special, that you would consider collector-worthy, make sure you take some time evaluating it.

Be informed. Study the subject and context of the object that you plan to invest in. Many collectors end up overpaying for something simply because they did not dig deeper into the background information. When buying collectibles, it is also recommended that you know who you are buying from. Find reputed sellers and in time build a network.

The Professional Sports Authenticator is the world’s largest grading and verifying company. When you are picking up sports-related memorabilia, a PSA certification indicates that the piece you are buying is genuine. Understand the different grades that PSA provides, and try to avoid articles that do not have a PSA certificate or grading.


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