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Top Fashion Trends

In 2014, the jewelry trends we saw on the Runway and in stores showcased bold and chunky designs, and the introduction of a lot of colored metal. While those items have not necessarily gone away, in 2015 many of the top jewelry trends are now more about classic pieces, or at least blending those bold looks with elegant touches.

This feeling of “luxurious minimalism” has been seen in magazines, on celebrities, and even on the street, with women choosing to simplify their accessories in a sophisticated but fashionable manner. This may be to complement bolder wardrobe choices that are also popular right now (think bright hues, bold patterns and more), but these timeless looks will truly work with anything.

So what’s hot right now? The below trends are perfect for investing in your diamond jewelry wardrobe, as these classic accessories will last a lifetime.


While floral motifs have been buzzing for the past few years, recent runway shows have shown us that this delicate and feminine look is not going anywhere for 2014. This pattern can be found on clothing and accessories alike, and as a result, jewelry brands continue to expand their floral offerings for Spring and Summer with diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and more all inspired by petals, buds and flowers in bloom. Shop hearts On Fire floral designs.

Bold Rings…and Lots of Them

No matter whether it’s one large ring, or 3-5 stacked on the same finger, diamond rings are a jewelry item that you will see everywhere this year. It’s even acceptable  to wear large, bold pieces with more understated outfits, or to mix and match designs, metal colors and materials. Shop Hearts On Fire rings.

Top Fashion Trends 2014

Warm Metal Tones

We saw yellow gold make a bold rush into the fashion scene about a year or two again, and it only seems to be gaining momentum as see it featured more and more on the high fashion scene and on Red Carpets. Additionally, rose gold has now emerged as a popular alternate look for women – a shade that is truly flattering on every complexion. As a result, almost all Hearts On Fire designs are now offered in both yellow and rose gold, including diamond engagement rings.

Minimalist Jewels and geometric shapes

The number one example here is the comeback of stud earrings. These are an ideal accent to a popular minimalist look, and women around the world are embracing this classic look. This trend is the one that all women should truly jump on, as studs are timeless, versatile and even now come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Additionally, other small jewelry designs and charms, especially in fun and fashionable shapes are gaining popularity. Think circles, chevrons, crosses, infinity symbols, stars and more, in small sizes – all shapes that work with a variety of outfits and blend well with other classic jewelry designs.

Stackable Diamond Rings


This one might seem like a no brainer, as bracelets are a fashion staple for many women. The difference now is that we are seeing bracelets on almost ALL women, in all shapes and sizes. From bold cuffs, to menswear inspired styles, to layered chains…there really is something for every woman out there.

Hearts On Fire has continued to expand its bracelet line and has many more coming this Summer! Stay tuned for even more great bracelets.

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