Top Styles of Engagement Rings

Since the ancient Egyptians wore engagement rings of hemp, leather, and bone, these special rings have not only been a symbol of betrothal, but of a couple’s everlasting love for each other. Here are some of the top current styles of engagement rings.

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

The classic solitaire engagement ring is one of the top styles of engagement rings due to its simple, yet elegant, design. Featuring just a band and one stone (generally a diamond), solitaire engagement rings are uncomplicated, yet bold. The purity of the diamond and the band on which it is set make a great statement with a classic solitaire.

Pave Engagement Ring

Characterized by small diamonds intricately set within the band so as to appear a solid diamond surface, a pave setting is the king of diamond rings – the perfect way to take even the best of diamonds to the next level. Not for the shy woman, with a pave engagement ring your bride-to-be’s finger will catch everyone’s attention. No matter what angle you look at it from, a pave band glitters and gleams like a dazzling band of white fire.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement ring settings are characterized by a center stone bordered by diamonds that emphasize and maximize the look of the stone. (This is a great setting for a woman who loves sparkly things or with the “bigger is better” mentality.) While the round halo engagement ring is generally what most people think of when they imagine the style, halo engagement rings can come with rectangular diamonds (emerald cut), princess cut, cushion cut, or oval diamonds too. In fact, pretty much any loose diamond can be used in a halo setting. Engagement ring styles come in and out of style, but the halo has been popular since the 1920s. While many halo engagement rings feature designs reminiscent of vintage engagement rings, this setting is anything but outdated.

Art Deco and Vintage Engagement Rings

Whether you are looking for a design inspired by vintage engagement rings, art deco designs, or loose diamonds for an already existing vintage ring setting, the traditional style of an antique vintage engagement ring, combined with modern diamond cuts and outstanding designs, makes for an unforgettable looking engagement ring with vintage feel. With the beautiful diamonds of today united with antique-style settings, the special lady in your life will step out of her past role as girlfriend and into her future as your wife.

Designer Engagement Ring

When it comes to a designer engagement ring versus a generic non-designer ring, the fact is, designers are the experts in creating designs that are unique and stylish, of the highest quality and will have the longest longevity. Ultimately, both fiancé and fiancée want to be proud of the ring that she’s wearing, especially considering that she is going to be wearing this ring every day for the rest of her life. All of the above engagement rings are available from leading designers such as Tacori, Scott Kay, Verragio, Martin Flyer, Simon G, and RITANI. If you want something as unique, original and, special as the love that you have for each other, you should ask your jeweler about the brand name quality, service and design originality, of the engagement ring you’re considering buying.

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