Five Top Tips for Buying a Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring is an exciting, thrilling experience in itself; because a diamond ring is often bought, whether as a gift, gesture or for one’s self, as an extremely personal item it can also prove tricky and even an emotional undergoing. Further, it can also prove an expensive and overwhelming task. Hence, here are five tips to getting it right and to hopefully as well make the experience as dazzling as the result.

Opt for an Antique

Top of all top tips when buying diamonds (and so the first tip to feature on this list) is to consider opting for an antique ring. Fortunately, doing so isn’t just easy, via a quick browse of any major and reputable antique diamond ring specialist such as Antique Rings Online for example, but can also prove rather illuminating.

Antique rings, unlike modern rings are not only that which were made a hundred years or more ago; an antique ring is as such imbued with the romance and story of its own unique history. Unlike a modern, commissioned or contemporary ring, an antique has a history and serves to celebrate the lore of the time in which it was created. Hence, an antique diamond ring is the only diamond ring for many.

Diamond Cuts and Which Will Cut It

The only real argument against going antique when it comes to diamonds, comes down to diamond cuts. In case you didn’t already know, diamond cuts are one of the first and most obvious ways of dating a diamond as they have changed so much over the years. What do the changes mean and why have they changed though?

In a nut shell, and in laymen’s terms, diamonds are cut in order to best sparkle. Then, old technologies and so older cut diamonds whilst often larger and beautifully cast in antique and vintage settings, often do not produce the same glittery effect modern cut diamonds do. To learn more about diamond cuts, the other three that make up ‘The 4 Cs of Diamond Quality’ and how they affect the aesthetics of a stone, head over to the Gemological Institute of America website.

Style Matters

Diamonds, as the saying goes, are forever; even changing fashions and style cannot break their popularity. That said, diamond rings are very much created to reflect, celebrate and even create fashion and trends. Then, purchasing the right diamond ring does not simply depend on getting the most sparkly, biggest or most expensive; finding the perfect diamond ring depends just as much on getting the style right.

To do that, if the ring is not for you, you will definitely need to do a little preliminary detective work to discover what style and what stones and metals the intended recipient loves most. It is too advisable to first familiarize yourself with the periods and eras of jewellery making.

Size Matters

Ring size, that is. The fact that the size of the stone matters should go without saying, meanwhile it is worth reminding anybody out there the importance of knowing your partner’s ring size. After all, there is nothing more romantic than being surprised with a diamond, and nothing less romantic than discovering the ring doesn’t fit.

How to calculate ring size without spoiling the surprise is, fortunately, easier than one might imagine. Simply enlist one of your dearests friends to do a little research for you, or failing that take a ring worn on the intended finger to a jeweller’s and ask their advice.

Finally, Where to Shop

Just as opting for an antique ring can save a lot of money, so too can foregoing the high street and instead opting to shop online. In fact, combining the two, is by far the most cost effective means of finding the perfectly priced ring, as well as saving yourself a lot of time and effort.

That isn’t to say effort, time and money should not be spent finding the perfect diamond ring; all three will most certainly be spent, but saving a little of all three by shopping online and for an antique ring can make finding the perfect diamond ring a manageable and far less stressful (and so far more enjoyable) task.

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