daily makeup tips for college girls

College days are those fun days which form the biggest and best part of any girl’s life. Every girl wants to show off her flawless face and look perfect while going to college, but time is always a problem when you have to rush for lectures. Makeup can help to achieve the perfect look, that doesn’t look overdone and fake. Follow the tips below to know the dos and don’ts of simple makeup that you can wear to college.

Any face makeup look will be ruined if the products you use are wrong. Make sure that the products you use are suitable for your skin. Using expired products is a complete no-no as it may cause a reaction on your skin.

Early Preparations:

There are certain face cleansing and moisturizing steps you should follow before applying makeup. To begin with, remove all the dirt, black heads and dry skin from your face. For this you need to wash your face with cold water and a good face wash. After washing your face, apply a good moisturising cream that comes with SPF protection to keep your face hydrated and to protect it from getting tanned.

Basic Face Makeup Look:

After prepping your face, it’s time to start applying  makeup.

  1. Go for a more natural makeup look  by applying a BB cream. The BB cream will instantly cover up all your blemishes and will give your face a natural glow. For this you can try the Clear Glow BB Cream in a variant that is very close to your natural skin tone.
  2. If you have a few spots of acne on your face, you can cover it up instantly with some concealer. Apply the concealer in long strokes under your eyes and over the acne. Use a brush to blend it evenly with your skin. The Dream Lumi Touch Concealer is dermatologically tested and a good option to try out.
  3. To get a flushed look on your cheeks, apply a blush in a rosy pink shade. Do not apply a lot of blush on your cheeks if you have acne as the redness will highlight it more. Instead, opt for a creamier shade that will subtly highlight your cheeks. The blushes from the Cheeky Glow range are a good option.
  4. For your eyes, define the lower lash line with dark, black kohl. This minimalistic look is enough to give your eyes a gorgeous look. Experiment with some color on your upper lash line by applying smudge proof eye liners in cool summer colors. The Colossal Kohl Turquoise is perfect for the Indian skin and defines the eye shape perfectly.
  5. Keep your lips hydrated with a good lip balm. The Baby Lips Lip Balm comes in tinted shades that also offer SPF protection. Do not apply very bright shades of lip color during the day as it makes the face look too overdone. Subtle shades of pink from the Pink Alert range are perfect for col2
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