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1. For winged eyeliner:

Place your pen at the outermost part of your nostril, then angle it upwards to meet the outer edge of your eye. Lower the tip of your liner where it lands and draw down toward your lash line. Watch this tutorial to get a real handle on things.
—Submitted by Kylie Casino (Facebook)

2. For a smoother mascara application:

While you’re applying your other makeup, tuck your mascara tube in your bra for a few minutes. Warming up the mascara will soften the formula and make it go on much more smoothly. Or, hold the bottle between your palms and roll it a few times… it also warms it a little for a much smoother application. For a less clumpy and smoother application for your mascara, NEVER pump your brush. That does nothing except pump air in and out of the bottle, which dries it out quicker.
—Submitted by Billie-Lyn Devine (Facebook)

3. For bigger eyelashes:

Wiggle your mascara brush in little left-right motions as you apply. It reduces clumps, separates your lashes, and gives a more even application.
—Submitted by Kelly Shea (Facebook)

4. On how to tightline your eyes:

Tightlining your eyes can make your lashes look fuller and thicker. Use a brush like this with gel liner. Load up your brush, and push the liner into the base of your upper lash line. It gives your eyes a very subtle lined look, while making your lashes look fuller and thicker. And if you don’t have $30 to drop on a push liner brush, a short shader paint brush does just as well for a fraction of the price. I like Royal & Langnickel, which you can easily find at Michaels. They also go on sale constantly!
—Submitted by Tohnia Yun (Facebook)

5. How to line your lower lashes:

Get a cheap felt tip black eyeliner. Cut a little off the top to give a blunt edge. Use this to do tiny dots along your lower lash line instead of eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara. It will give the impression your lower lashes are fuller and thicker by filling in the roots. Just three tiny dots at the outer corner is usually enough, but sometimes I do it all along to the middle of my eye.
—Submitted by kirsteeb

6. For the best mascara combination:

Use two different mascaras: one lengthening and one waterproof. Underneath use regular and on top use waterproof. That way waterproof will easily come off and it makes a huge difference in volume! Also I find that the waterproof seals in the regular mascara, preventing smudging.
—Submitted by Maria Lisa Summers (Facebook)

7. For the best pencil eyeliner application:

Pencil eyeliners should be warmed up before application. Either draw your eyeliner on the back of your hand until the dragging stops, or use your hair dryer on its lowest setting for six to seven seconds before applying. Application is a lot easier, so you get the look you want on the first try without dragging your eyelid.
—Submitted by Erin Hicks (Facebook)

8. Which eyeliner color to use:

Use eyeliner that has the undertones of the opposite color of your eyes. Blue eyes, use copper eyeliner. Brown eyes, use navy blue eyeliner. Green eyes, use purple eyeliner, etc. Complementary colors help each other stand out, making your eyes pop!
—Submitted by Emily Anderson (Facebook)

. For a cheaper alternative to makeup brushes:

Use paint brushes as makeup brushes. Many paint brushes are shaped similar to makeup brushes, and many companies (like Royal & Langnickel) make makeup brushes in addition to paint brushes. Lots of craft stores have weekly coupons you can use to lower the price, and the brushes themselves go on sale constantly. It’s a great way to get some good brushes at a more reasonable price point.
—Submitted by Tohnia Yun (Facebook

. The right way to apply liquid liner (without getting a crease):

Apply liquid eyeliner by lowering your mirror (handheld is best for this) and looking DOWN into the mirror. That way your eye lid is fully exposed and not folded, meaning you won’t get the crease that so often happens with liquid liner.
—Submitted by Rachel Gantz (Facebook)
22. How to look more awake:

Use a highlighter pen instead of traditional concealer on your eyes. It has a lighter texture and illuminates the entire area, which makes you look wide awake and glowing. I like the version MAC makes in the shade Light Boost.
—Submitted by mjb7
For an eyeliner alternative:

Don’t underestimate the power of using a dark eyeshadow as an eyeliner. The powder is really easy to work with and doesn’t leave a gap at your lash line (so there’s no need for tightlining!). The subtle definition is perfect for people with a tiny lid space, like me!
—Submitted by sarahreaves
24. For girls with glasses:

If you wear glasses, use a colored eyeliner on your lower lash line and black on the top. It makes your eyes really stand out from behind your frames!
—Submitted by Melissakah
25. For a natural eye makeup remover:

Olive oil is a great DIY eye makeup remover. Unlike other oily removers, olive oil is actually good for your skin!
—Submitted by Morgan Beyer (Facebook)
26. The right way to apply concealer under your eye:

Do your eye concealer in a triangle going down to your cheek instead of small dots along the curve of your eye. It’ll cover up the darkness much better.
—Submitted by Abby S
27. The concealer color best for under eye circles:

Use a salmon or orange-toned shade of concealer for under eye circles. The Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste is amazing! If you use a more yellow-toned concealer it will make your undereye circles look gray.
—Submitted by hollipinter
28. How to get your eyeliner to last all day:

After lining your upper lash line with eyeliner pencil, use a small stiff brush and go over the liner with a matching shadow. Not only does this soften and smooth the line, but it also sets the liner to give it more staying power. You can also try different liner and shadow combinations for an endless variety of looks.
—Submitted by MarjorieAllison7254
29. To make your eyelashes grow:

Before you go to bed, put Vaseline on your eyelashes. It’ll help them grow and make them look great!
—Submitted by Nour Alameh (Facebook)
30. To never get lipstick on your teeth again:

After applying lipstick, put your finger in your mouth, close your lips around your finger, and pull it out. This gets rid of excess lipstick and stops it from going on your teeth.
—Submitted by Samantha Walford (Facebook)

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