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Natural lipstick Ingredients You Could Eat.

We are all ingesting our lipstick. Rough estimates have been made that we consume at least 4 lbs of lipstick in a lifetime. Wouldn’t you rather that be natural ingredients?.

It’s one makeup product I think most of us can’t be without. We might leave the house without makeup but draw the line at lipstick. We use it almost everyday making it one of our most frequently used makeup items.

Lately there has been quite a bit of debate over the safety of some of the ingredients used to create regular lipstick. One issue that has caused concern is lead in lipstick.

Lipstick Ingredients

Beautiful lips Most of the lipsticks we use everyday contain petroleum by products like mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, dyes and fragrances. In some cases we really don’t know exactly what is in our lipsticks. The “trade secret loophole” allows skin care manufacturers to use a generic term like fragrance and not say what that means. (see nontoxic skin care)

Lipsticks can be made quite simply. There are three main ingredients, wax, oil and coloring. Most lipsticks are made with many other ingredients but these are the essential ones.

Natural lipstick usually contains beeswax or plant wax like carnauba or candellila, which give it body, oils like jojoba, sunflower or chamomile for spreadability and natural pigments or coloring.

Pigments can be organic or natural herbs(turmeric), vegetables (beets), insect (carmine or cochineal, a pigment from crushed beetles) or mineral based (titanium dioxide or iron oxide). FDA approved colors like D&C Red or FD&C Yellow, though approved are not usually used.

Don’t waste time worrying about the ingredients in your lipstick. Choose natural lipsticks that are made with real natural ingredients. Ingredients that if they were put in front of you you could eat them and not worry. Natural lipsticks do more than make you look pretty. Moisturizing and nourishing ingredients give you healthy, beautiful color.

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