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It’s officially December and with Christmas, right around the corner, the long list of presents that you need to buy can seem exhausting. If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, finding the perfect gift for friends and family members can be daunting. Plus the inconvenience of being amongst the crowds for hours upon hours doesn’t seem like a great way to spend your holiday season. The Internet has made shopping a tad more convenient, however when it comes to beauty and fashion finds for the fashionistas in your circle, online shopping just doesn’t cut it. Shopping can become easier this year with the newest website and app,

Hauls is the first social shopping platform that enables viewers to buy their favorite beauty and fashion products right from their favorite vloggers (now called Haulers) profile page. provides an easy way for viewers to buy their favorite products by automatically connecting to checkouts while simultaneously watching a Haulers video. This is made possible due to HAULS being affiliated with over 40,000+ top beauty and retail fashion brands. These affiliations make holiday shopping easier than ever and a happy holiday for all Haulers involved who make a higher commission on products sold directly from their page. is still riding off the success of its official launch where countless beauty and fashion influencers were in attendance.

Hauls is determined to change the landscape of how products are bought online and they are picking up steam with more and more Haulers being added to the site everyday. In the spirit of the holidays and gift-giving season, Haulers will be posting makeup and beauty tips that will have us all looking fabulous for our impending social engagements. Here are a few tips of how Hauls can help you with your shopping this holiday season.

Hauler Approved Gifts
If you are like me, you follow vloggers that are not only similar to your style but look like you. I do this to see how products will really look on me. With this type of thinking in mind, it is easier to find something for yourself as well as for others that you know will work for them. Due to the affiliations provided by, there is no need to push products because of requirements of sponsorship and partnership deals. With Hauls the promotion of products is done organically, which makes each Haulers evaluation and recommendation of products true and genuine.

Mailed Straight To Your Door
Since Hauls allows for viewers to buy straight from a Haulers page while simultaneously watching videos, and then being directed straight to a checkout of the product chosen. After being directed to the checkout users can get top notch, Hauler approved products sent straight to their doorstep. If that isn’t holiday shopping made easy, I don’t know what is.

To join the fashion revolution and start your holiday shopping now please visit, Make sure to download HAULS in the app store ( and follow on all social media platforms to get behind the scenes sneak peeks. Twitter: @HaulsTV, Facebook:, Instagram:

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