How To Win The Man Of Your Life And Make Him Yours

If you are looking for a marriage relationship and have even found a suitable guy, there is one question that may keep bothering you. What should I do to make him wholly mine? You may wonder. This question may bother you even more in case your boyfriend seems to have no interest in pushing things any further than they are at present.

Are you going to wait forever for him to make the proposal? Isn’t there anything you can do in order to speed up the process? Yes, there is. So long as you know how to go about it, you will be able to make your boyfriend think of establishing a more lasting relationship with you.

Here are some of the things that will help you in this effort.

You are not alone

If you are facing the issue of a non committal boyfriend, you should take heart, as this situation is more common than you realize. This therefore means that there is really nothing particularly wrong with either you or your boyfriend. Rather, it is something that tends to take place naturally.

Consider your focus

Nearly every woman who would like a man to commit to a life-long relationship will push every other thing at the back of her mind. This issue tends to become her focal point. Unfortunately, this is something that can scare off your boyfriend. No man would enjoy a feeling of being trapped, yet this is what he may feel in case you dream of is to make him your Mr Right. All you seem to think about is getting married to him. If the man gets the idea that you are pushing him towards a commitment, you will be more likely to push him away instead.

Lead – from the background

Men get the thrill out of being hunters. On the other hand, they easily become frightened when they realize that they are the ones being pursued. So although you should take a leading role in shaping your relationship, you will succeed when you do it from the background. Let him have something to chase in you instead. For instance, just make yourself scarce to give him the chance to come after you. Only a man who does not mind losing you will take things easy when there is the risk of your slipping away.

On the other hand, if he knows that you are always available; your boyfriend will relax his efforts of making any commitment. Get him out of this comfort by being less available without giving any excuses. Let him realize that you have an independent life that is not tied up with his.

Watch your words

Talking about your expectations in a marriage will not make your boyfriend decide to go ahead and propose. If you want him to think of marriage, you should not talk about the topic at all. In addition, avoid doing anything that brings the idea of marriage, including the books and magazines that you leave lying around.

When you take such specific measures, you will be able to win the man of your life and make him yours. He will then go down on his knees to ask for your hand.

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