Using Body Language To Flirt

By Mike Francis

Whenever dudes flirt with a pretty lady, they tend to focus attention on 2 items. Firstly is their looks, what clothing they are dressed in and how their hair style looks. The 2nd vital item to the majority of men is their favorite pick up lines. A lot of guys entirely neglect one of the most essential aspects of flirting, which is body language.

Statistics have proven that body language constitutes over fifty percent of our communication and what we say only makes up about 7%. The rest is taken up by intonation (the sound of your voice). That means that the things that you say isn’t actually as critical as the way you say it along with what your body language is saying. So it’s maybe a good idea to learn tips on how to use body language to attract women!

Flirting is generally about subtle acts and gestures. Making use of body language properly can help make the object of your desire feel more relaxed with you and even like you despite the fact that they may not realize why. Body language predominately operates on a subconscious level but women will often consciously recognize anytime a guy is obviously seeking to employ his body language. So it’s necessary that you learn it and rehearse it. It has to become a part of your true makeup to be useful in hooking up with chicks.

Among the most critical flirting techniques involves the eyes. Gaze right into her eyes then wait for her to return your look. If she doesn’t notice, look elsewhere after a few seconds to refrain from staring. Try again in about thirty seconds; you are going to get her attention eventually. The moment you are both looking into each other’s eyes offer her a little smile and sit tight about three or four seconds before blinking or looking elsewhere. It is important that you never hold your gaze for too long as it can turn into an awkward situation and cause weird feelings. With any luck the woman will smile at you too. If she doesn’t you can go for it again after roughly 1 or two minutes have passed. If you complete three full cycles and the woman still hasn’t smiled back at you its most likely time to move on or try a different method.

Another strong nonverbal move deals with the positioning of your chest and body relative to the hot chick. Generally whatever a man faces his chest to is exactly what he thinks is the most important thing in the room. Women will naturally pick up on this and see that you are attracted to them and that you are accessible to get attention from them. During the early stages of flirting you should merely turn your head facing the lady, not your complete body. You need to steer your way into her good graces and not come out too strongly. Just turn your head to her and keep your body at roughly a forty-five degree angle away from her. Execute your eye contact and smile thing and see how she acts. When she does not smile back after a couple of attempts you might need to say something clever in order to get a reaction.

Once the girl does finally smile back or giggles or gives you some other positive attention gently turn your head away from her for a couple of seconds. If she is interested, so could reach out and grab your shoulder to gain your attention back or she may say some thing verbally. In case she doesn’t react you will turn your head again and simply complete the very same eye contact and smile action. It is supposed to warm her up to you and so you can evaluate her degree of interest. You might find that she isn’t interested which is okay. If that occurs simply locate another person that you are attracted to and begin the process once more.

Do not turn your entire body toward her before she has indicated some interest. If you do turn to her, give her your total attention. If she does not appear to be disturbed by it then you are ready to move on to more significant conversation and flirting.

It’s fascinating how something as ordinary as a smile or body turn can possess a hidden significance. Utilizing body language to captivate women is a powerful technique and is worthy of more study. There are numerous details to discover but if you have the capacity to master them you may soon become a professional pick up artist. Getting to know body language abilities helps you become like a ninja of flirting.

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