Summer Skin Care Tips

Women’s skin is very sensitive, hence needs extra care and a lot of attention. As summer season starts, all women have to bring special seasonal changes in their skin care plans to look beautiful and exotic in summer as well.

The hot and scorching season of summer is heading nearer. This season is very hard and needs extra care as our skin and body needs some extra care and attention than usual.

Heat, dust and excessive exposure to sun can damage skin’s delicacy and glow and can easily tan our complexion. So, in summer our skin especially women’s skin needs special and thorough care. By keeping all these skin damaging factors in mind, here we give you some very good and useful summer skin care tips, which will keep you glowing and energetic through out the hot summer season.

* Intake of plenty of water must be added in your summer skin care plans. The harmful and skin damaging Ultra Violet rays of sun decreases the moisture level of your skin and over all body and leaves your skin rough and unattractive. Drink at least 10/12 glass of pure water. As water not only replenish moisture but also helps to flush toxins out of the body and keeps your skin looking clear and lustrous.

* Add fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your summer skin care plan. These fruits and fresh vegetables are full of essential nutrients and free radical fighting antioxidant properties which help to keep your skin cool in hot summer season.
You can also take fruit juices in your summer skin care plan as fluids and fresh juices not only glow your skin but also makes your skin younger than usual.

* Milk is very very essential for young girls and women. Your summer skin care plans must have milk routine in them. It is a sad fact that majority of women especially young girls don’t take milk daily. Milk is the only ingredient which provides full enzymes, proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients needed for the body. If you don’t like milk than you can add some flavor or ingredients like almond, ceramal and rose water to make it tasty and flavored.

* You must add Exfoliation in your special summer skin care plans. Use exfoliating soaps and facial scrubs as they smooth and clean your skin even in hot summer season. Exfoliating not only removes your dead cells but also helps to make your skin glowing and radiant.

* Use sun screen and sun blocks before exposing to direct sun light. In summer, the sun beams are highly dangerous so avoid direct contact and always apply good quality sun screen before going outside.

* Daily cleansing should also be added in your summer skin care plans because in summer, your skin tends to become dead and dull without cleansing. Do daily cleansing with a natural, herbal good quality cleanser. It will not only reduce acne problems but will leave your skin more shiny and healthy than usual.

* Never forget eight hours of peaceful beauty sleep. Keep your bedroom pleasant, comfortable and light. Sleep on cotton or linen bed sheets as they look cool and comfortable in summer season.

* Last but not least, spend strain free and stress free life because tension, anxiety and stress damage and ruin your skin and over all body more than this hot summer season. Be happy and content for a healthy, shiny and lustrous skin.

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