Wedding Tips On A Budget

By Taylor Persson When you start planning your wedding, you want to have as many unknowns as you can to be taken out of the equation while still staying within your personal budget. This is why it so important to determine your wedding venue, your reception area, and the decorations ... Read More

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Music Playlist

By Taylor Persson When it comes to wedding entertainment, the music that will be played is one of the most important aspects of the wedding to be planned. The music at a wedding sets the overall tone for the entire evening by creating a formal, romantic or even upbeat mood ... Read More

Wedding Planning Tips On A Budget

By Taylor Persson Weddings are fantastic celebrations of love. They can also be stressful, extravagant, and costly. It is important to know that there are many ways to plan a highly personalized and memorable day, without breaking the bank. Before making any arrangements for your wedding, be familiar with the ... Read More

How To Be The Organizer Of Your Own Wedding

Couples naturally envision to have the perfect wedding with lavish decors and a posh wedding party venue. However, those who find themselves on a tight budget might worry about their finances after they decide to overspend on their wedding day. It is important for couples to fix and also meet ... Read More