Elderly Remarriage

By Alison Forde The rate of divorce in people aged 60 and above has drastically increased in recent years. There are many reasons for this and obviously more personal reasons but experts suggest it is because when couples retire they almost have to reintroduce themselves to each other as they'll ... Read More

Great Britain Wedding Theme

By Kerry Dawson Your wedding day has to be perfect and it is important that you get everything right. If you do this you will have a day that nobody will forget and this for some people is priceless. But on a serious note it is likely that you will ... Read More

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Music Playlist

By Taylor Persson When it comes to wedding entertainment, the music that will be played is one of the most important aspects of the wedding to be planned. The music at a wedding sets the overall tone for the entire evening by creating a formal, romantic or even upbeat mood ... Read More

Party Planning Tips for Your Wedding Reception

You've fallen in love and the date is set; you're getting married! Now you have to think about what kind of entertainment to have at the reception for your wedding guests. Whether a couple is looking to host their reception in a traditional catering hall or a unique venue, the ... Read More

Winter Weddings And How Brilliant They Can Be

By Terry Husband The wedding season is seen as the months in spring and summer but there has been an increasing trend to have a wedding in the winter months of the year with Debenhams reporting a 25% rise in winter weddings. Many people however cannot see the benefits of ... Read More

Maximizing Your Wedding Budget

By Taylor Persson Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments of your life, so naturally you feel the need to splurge on it. However, you and your spouse do not want to spend the first few years of the marriage paying off the wedding. That is why it ... Read More

Freestanding Drape Supports At Your Wedding

By Terry Husband You will want your wedding venue to look perfect and sometimes you can find a great venue that doesn't look perfect on the inside. It is because of this that people want to decorate their wedding venues and drapes can transform the look of a whole venue ... Read More

Have A Memorable Garden Wedding

By Taylor Persson Gardens are truly romantic spots. Gorgeous flowers in multiple shades perfume the air, breezes gently make tree branches wave, and all of it is illuminated by the golden sun. Garden weddings are romantic and beautiful. To truly make your garden wedding memorable, let nature dictate your decor. ... Read More

Support For Gay Marriage

By Kerry Dawson When this subject does come there are always mixed opinions and some people don't even know what they think on the subject. In this modern society where equality is campaigned for regularly why can't same sex couples get married? There is nothing wrong with it and there ... Read More

Lighting For Your Wedding

By Terry Husband Your wedding day is mean to be one of the best days of your life so you obviously want everything to be perfect. This means your wedding venue has to look as good as possible and a good way to make your venue you brilliant is by ... Read More