The Inspirational Writer Dr. LaVern McCants is The Rule Changer!

Dr LaVern McCants

There are two types of writers. One who writes books to pen down his knowledge into the piece of writing to transfer his knowledge to others. And the second type of writers write for the commercial gains. But surely both types of writers have the same target gaining commercial success and financial gain.

But the writer we are talking about “Dr. LaVern McCants” has her own unique class. She writes for two types of gains. The commercial and potential success of the readers, personality improvement of the readers. When someone ignores personal benefits and focuses on transforming the lives of the people around them, they win hearts.

And the heart touching and inspiring books of Dr. LaVern McCants has not only changed the lives of thousands of people but also become bestsellers. Her latest book “Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer” has been nominated as the best book of 2021 by a number of media outlets. Selling like hotcakes, this book got all the ingredients you need to learn from. 

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