Around-The-Clock Shower:

Guests are asked to bring a gift that would be used by the bride and groom during a specific hour of the day. You can send each guest a handcrafted invitation in the shape of a clock with their “specific hour” indicated by the hands drawn on the clockface. Gifts can be organized and presented in order of the time of day: morning first, then afternoon, then evening. As the gifts are being opened, you could serve refreshments based on that part of the day. For “the morning”, champagne and orange juice with miniature muffins or bagels, then coffee and sandwiches for “the afternoon”. For late evening, perhaps popcorn and a light after-dinner liqueur.

Gift Ideas:

“Morning” Gift Ideas: Alarm clock, bath towels, bed linens and pillows, coffee maker, toaster, coffee mugs, gourmet coffees and breakfast mixes, make-up mirror, make-up carrying case, vanity mirror

“Mid-Morning” Gift Ideas:

Cookware suitable for making brunches, muffin tins, waffle iron, bagel mixer, pancake and muffin mixes

“Mid-Day” Gift Ideas:

Picnic basket filled with napkins, utensils, wine etc., appointment book, gift certificates for lunch at the bride-to-be’s favorite restaurant, assorted gourmet teas, gift certificate for a facial, manicure or pedicure

“Evening” Gift Ideas: Wine, candles, a CD of romantic music, bath oil, wine glasses, anything related to cooking a romantic evening dinner, bed linens or comforter

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