How to Get Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Give the perfect bridal shower gift for the next bridal shower you attend. One of the things that helps in determining the best bridal shower gift is thinking about how well you know the bride and what your relationship to her is. Keeping this in mind will help you decide on the best type of gift to bring.

1.How well do you know the bride? If you are not that close to the bride, stick with something traditional, perhaps something nice from her wedding registry. You don’t want to make the bride feel awkward giving an overly personal gift if you do not have that kind of a relationship. For a group of aunts or women from church who are invited to a bridal shower, consider going in on a nicer gift together, like the complete dining set or that $300 kitchenaid from the bride’s registry.

2.If you are really tight with the bride and understand each other’s sense of humor, go with something fun and crazy, like a striptease kit or other fun sex related gifts that you know will embarrass her and you can all laugh about. However if there will be a wedding shower and a bachelorette party, you might want to save the really kinky or super embarrassing stuff for that…when future mother-in-law and grandma aren’t around.

3.Whenever you are stumped, get a gift card. A gift card to Victoria’s Secret or another nice retailer always works well. You could also find out what the bride or grooms favorite restaurant is and get a gift card for a “date night”.

4.Creating a honeymoon gift basket is a super cute and thoughtful bridal shower gift! Depending on where the newlyweds will be spending their honeymoon, you can use that to create the theme of the honeymoon gift basket. Hawaii the destination? Then start out with sunscreen, a sun hat, a beach towel, massage oils, a romantic CD…maybe with an islandy feel.

5.If you are a practical gift giver, and you know this wouldn’t offend the bride, create a “housewife starter kit” or whatever you want to call it. Buy a laundry basket and fill it with essential items like cleaning and laundry supplies. Or you could do a basket with cooking supplies, a cookbook and an apron. This tends to be a good gift for a friend of the bride’s mother or mother in law.

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