What To Pack For A City Weekend Away

So you’ve finally gotten the chance to take a quick break? Maybe you are heading away with your partner, or perhaps with the girls – either way you want to be sure you have packed all the essentials, from the right shoes to the right women’s perfume. Take look at this quick check list to ensure you have covered everything!

Three Outfits:

Friday Night: Chances are you will be arriving on Friday evening or night and will be popping out for dinner when you do. Choose an outfit that’s quick to throw on and needs minimum ironing so that you can change into as soon as you arrive. Choose to bring shoes and a handbag that will go with your Saturday night outfit too.Saturday Night: You already have your shoes and handbag picked out as part of your Friday outfit. Pick an outfit for Saturday that’s bit more glam than Friday’s as you will have more time to get ready.Saturday and Sunday: A nice day outfit to see you through Saturday and Sunday, with a different top for each day. Usually smart jeans and nice boots work well as the basic elements to this. Beauty and Hair:

Nice and casual day make-up is what most women already carry in their make-up bag. But don’t forget to change it up a bit for the night – you are on your holidays after all. Pop in a smoky eye palette in a colour that suits you, or perhaps instead a striking lipstick in an eye catching shade – Lady Danger by Mac works a treat to really make your lips pop.

Try to keep your hair products to a minimum. Most hotels supply hairdryers but often they are just not up-to-scratch for a decent blow dry so aim to have your hair on Friday last at least through until Saturday night by bringing some dry shampoo with you – it spritzes up even the deadest head, lifting it at the roots in the process. On Sunday you can achieve a nice up do with some grips, a hairband or a bobbin.

Don’t forget to pop a travel size version of your favourite women’s perfume and a pack of handy wipes into your handbag before you leave. Perfume to freshen up at moment’s notice and if you have a particularly fun night out those wipes will come in useful for taking off your make up. They work great for keeping your hands clean on the move anyway.

Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and body wash will make a huge difference to the overall weight of your bag. Give your back a break and invest in some small containers to fill up with your usual toiletries before you leave.

Travel Essentials:

Underwear that will suit the outfits you’re bringing – no point in having a bra that does wonders for your chest if it’s black and your dress is white. Medicine – Pack your usual medicine and then some. Keep it safe; best place is in your handbag and not your luggage bag. If you wear glasses or contacts make sure you pop in those too.Phone Charger – Even though some of us would love nothing more than to leave the world behind when on a break, truth is most of us would be a bit nervous if our phones were dead for a whole weekend. Pack the right phone charger and an adapter if necessary.

Most importantly – have fun! The convenient thing about a city break is that in general if you forget anything you will be able to buy it when you arrive. It is a bit of hassle though and you don’t want to waste any precious holiday time in a supermarket or drugstore, so make sure you just prepare in advance and be ready to go at least the night before!

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