Planning A Summer Wedding

By Taylor Persson

There is no time like the summer for a wedding. The weather is beautiful and reliable, cold temperatures won’t dictate what the bride wears, flowers are in bloom, and it is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. If you decide to plan an outdoor wedding in the summer, keep a few tips in mind.

Save the date cards are very important to send out if you are planning a summer wedding because so many people plan vacations during the summer months. These planning notices should include your wedding date and the location of wedding venues and reception venues. If you know that some of your guests are making your wedding part of their summer vacation, help out by providing out-of-town guests with gift bags that include information about the best sights to see in your town.

When choosing a gown and attire for your attendants, keep the weather in mind. In case of a very hot day, choose light fabrics so that you and your bridesmaids feel beautiful instead of wilted and sweaty. When choosing makeup for your big day, look for products that contain SPF so you don’t get a burn while taking your vows.

Plan to provide heat relief for your guests. Provide plenty of cool drinks for your guests and vendors, erect a tent so guests can find some shade, and make sure there’s access to air conditioning for older guests or very young guests who are susceptible to overheating. You could also place a beautiful fan engraved with your initials and your wedding date on each guest’s chair so that they can elegantly keep cool during your ceremony. If it is especially hot, ask an usher to pass out cool towels to help guests beat the heat during your ceremony. When timing your ceremony, it is best to plan it in the late morning or early evening so that your guests are not sitting outside during the hottest part of the day.

A summer wedding is no time to serve heavy foods. Keep your menu light with fresh salads, in-season produce, and grilled entrees. You could even support your community farmers by choosing to serve local foods. Consider serving chilled soups or grilled skewers during your cocktail hour. For dessert, take advantage of delicious summer fruits to serve your guests pie. You could even serve ice cream cones to the little ones or include spiked ice pops in your bar menu.

Your summer wedding will be a beautiful affair. Keep these tips in mind for your comfort and your guests’ comfort, and enjoy your wonderful wedding.

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