Winter Weddings And How Brilliant They Can Be

By Terry Husband

The wedding season is seen as the months in spring and summer but there has been an increasing trend to have a wedding in the winter months of the year with Debenhams reporting a 25% rise in winter weddings. Many people however cannot see the benefits of having a winter wedding as it is likely to rain or snow on your special day which can ruin your dress and decorations.

The first benefit and probably the most obvious is the cost. Having your wedding during the official wedding season costs a lot of money and costs for other items can be considerably higher. This is not the case for weddings in the winter. Venues and other suppliers offer lower prices during the winter to try and encourage people to get married during this time. People take up the offer of a lower price generally because they know that they can still have an extravagant day that they’ll never forget whilst keeping within a budget which is not huge.

Staying in your budget for a wedding can be difficult which is why you try and keep costs low and get married in the winter months. Money can also be saved when you are booking your honeymoon as travel agencies often lower their prices for the winter months as do wedding venues etc. In addition to this with summer weddings some guests cannot attend as they are on their holidays and this is not the case in the winter as not many people choose to go on their holidays during the winter due to the decreasing temperatures.

The winter weddings are easier to create a theme as you can go towards the idea of having a Christmas themed wedding. This theme does not really have any limits whatsoever as you can do whatever you want to do. Unfortunately it is very unlikely to snow on your wedding day but this does not have to stop you having snow at your wedding. It is easy for you to get a hold of snow machines and these can help you create the dream of setting of snow on your wedding day. If you do not want a Christmas themed wedding you could just go for a winter theme. This means you can use ice sculptures to add character to the venue but the only downside to this is that ice sculptures can cost a lot of money.

With your wedding being in the winter you will have to bear in mind that it will be cold and that the weather will probably do its best to make your day wet. To cope with this when getting your wedding dress try getting one that can help you deal with the potential issues that may arise. To help deal with the cold try adding a little white fur coat to your dress as this can still look stylish but as well as this it can keep you very warm. For the potential rain that may occur just simply get a umbrella that is the same colour as your dress that way everything matches and you can still stay warm and dry.

If a large proportion of your wedding reception is likely to be outside then it is important to make sure that you have something like a marquee or a big gazebo so that your guests can stay dry. For warmth at the reception you could just get a few patio heaters to keep the area warm. To save money on this your friends may already own a patio heater so why not ask if you can borrow it off them.

It is possible to have your wedding in the winter and still have a spectacular day that nobody will ever forget. To make sure that everything goes to plan you need to prepare for anything that may occur. Otherwise enjoy your winter wonderland.

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