Modern Magic with a Contemporary Wedding Cake

It is hard to define what exactly constitutes a modern wedding cake – although mostpeople agree that if you opt for a white tiered cake then you have gone the traditional route. Modern cakes are infused with fun and whimsy. They reflect the personalities and tastes of the couple instead of being just a sweet and pretty looking dessert. They are works of art that a cake designer has labored over – sometimes for days. The modern wedding cake is a magnificent marriage of creativity, taste explosions and unparalleled beauty. Here are some of the ways in which modern chefs have revolutionized the way we think about
wedding cakes…

Expanding Flavors

Cake flavors are no longer the plain offerings they were in the past and have (thankfully!) moved away from the brandied fruit cake confections they once were. Today the choice of flavors ranges from straight vanilla to banana, carrot, mango and strawberry to your choice of liqueurs. Wedding cakes can be made ice cream or mousses or even cheese cakes. Selecting what you want really hinges on your personal taste.

New Designs

Instead of the typical round or square cakes – designers are opting to use more varied shapes in the creation of contemporary wedding cakes. Some cakes are stepped instead of tiered, some are hexagonal and some are molded. Modern cakes also bear fabulous decorations including intricately made flowers, shells, beading, lace or ribbons.


The way in which wedding cakes are presented has also changed. The stands are no longer a regular base but sometimes several delicate bases, sometimes they rotate or incorporate fountains or flowers in them. The more you are willing to spend the more ostentatious the presentation of the cake can be, however, no matter what you select the modern cake is sure to make a lasting impression on all who see and taste it.

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