The Right Icing can Make the Wedding Cake

Once you have selected the style, flavor and filling for your wedding cake it is
time to decide on the frosting. Although it may seem simple and straight forward – there are several different types of icing available and what you choose will definitely affect that kind of finish your cake will have and what kind of decorations can be put on it.

The most common and by far the frosting most used on traditional wedding cakes is buttercream. This creamy, light frosting is made with sugar, butter and eggs and can easily be flavored or colored. Buttercream is so popular because
is can be used to make a wide range of beautiful designs and decorations while also being a very tasting filling.

One of the trendiest frostings currently being used by cake designers everywhere is the fondant or rolled fondant icing. Made from glucose or corn syrup and shortening, fondant not only holds up well under most conditions, but it can also be given a shimmery look that adds extra dazzle to a wedding cake. Fondant can be draped to look like yards of ribbon, twisted, folded and applied easily to the surface of a wedding cake – making it a tasty, versatile and beautiful frosting.

An old favorite with cake designers every where is Marzipan. This rich and tasty treat is made with crushed almonds, eggs and sugar. It can be made to look like fondant, but it’s exorbitant cost makes it better suited to fashioning flowers, leaves, seashells and other decorative elements from its flavorful paste. However, if a cake has marzipan accents it must be sealed properly before being placed in a refrigerator as any moisture will affect the way the confections look.

A frosting that is quickly gaining in favor is rolled chocolate – otherwise called chocolate fondant, chocolate plastic or plastique. Chocolate is melted with glycerine or corn syrup to create this lovely covering that is being used more and more often for wedding cakes as well as groom’s cakes.

If your cake requires a lot of delicate lace work you can be sure that the cake designer will use royal icing. This pure white and very hard frosting is the ideal medium of creating intricate designs and decorations. Since it cannot be refrigerated, it is not advisable to frost the entire cake in it.

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