All About The Gypsy Weddings

By Terry Husband

Gypsy weddings shot to fame in the hit TV show by channel 4 ‘My Big Fat Gypsy wedding’ which amassed over 9 million viewers at its peak. These weddings are seen as the most glamorous weddings in British society and these weddings end up costing much more than the traditional wedding. One wedding ended up with a bill of £250,000.

Every little thing that may be used in the wedding is made glamorous and even the big important stuff gets bigger. Wedding dresses are always important when it comes to weddings but some gypsies claim it is more of a competition to have the biggest and the best dress. This is done by adding layers to the dress and then decorating them with crystals although these are not normally real crystals. Instead of using crystals they often use diamante which is a small piece of shiny material and these normally sparkle on dresses.

Dresses in gypsy weddings normally end up being around 5ft wide and some even weigh 9 stone which is the weight of the average teenager. The size of these dresses also reflects onto the bridesmaids dresses. These dresses all match like in normal weddings but there are normally more bridesmaids than you would expect. This can take the bills for dresses to over £20,000 making it extremely extravagant.

Guest lists for gypsy weddings are huge when compared to your typical traditional wedding. The average wedding has around 150 guests but with most gypsy weddings they normally accumulate a total guest list of over 1000. This then adds to the cost of their weddings and many venues reject this many guests. In addition to this most venues do not accept gypsy wedding due to the stereotype that they always end in some sort of trouble. So the fact that the majority of the guests will be gypsies is often kept secret from the people who own the venue that they have chosen. Some venues on the other hand do like hosting gypsy weddings as this is more than likely to bring in a lot of money for the business due to the high volume of people that attend.

Everything at gypsy weddings is always extravagant and they generally get everything they can to make their day something that nobody can forget. Limousines are often hired in big numbers so that they can transfer guests from A to B. In the hit TV series one wedding featured a woman hiring out 8 Limos so she could transfer the immediate family. The whole of both families is likely to attend the wedding no matter how they are related to the bride or groom. The reason for this is that weddings are an event that makes the rest of the family proud and they like to show this off to other people. If either the bride or the groom pulls out of the wedding it will bring immediate shame on the family as it is massively frowned upon. Before the wedding the bride is apparently owned by her family but after this she is owned by the groom. This is similar to the traditions of the Islamic weddings.

The TV show will finish airing its second series and that will likely be the end of the TV show. The creators of the show say they have ran out of ideas and they cannot get any more people to publicly show their wedding in TV after media scrutiny. The producers have said that the show will likely return for one of specials as the show has proven extremely popular amongst viewers.

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