The Hottest Trends In Wedding Venues

Many brides dream of the day they’ll walk down the aisle is a stunning white gown. When the time comes to plan the wedding, they want to keep the family traditions intact, but they also wish to stay up to date on the latest wedding venue trends.

Outdoor Affairs

With the increasing popularity of the spring and fall months for weddings, many couples are opting to hold their receptions-and even ceremonies-outdoors. Settings range from an old barn lined with sophisticated benches for a farm-chic vibe during dinner to a garden wedding in which the bride and groom recite their vows amidst the flora and fauna of the venue.

Themed Venues

Crafting a theme, whether it be simply woven into the day or displayed for all to see, is quite popular as well. Beach bums can choose a reception hall on the sands, and city dwellers can opt for rooftop venues that provide stunning views of the skyline. It’s also popular for couples to personalize details of their venue. For example, they may opt to add uplighting to create a club atmosphere, or they may sprinkle the tables with colourful leaves for a fall themed affair.

Something a Little Different

Couples aren’t always choosing the traditional catering hall or an outdoor arena when it comes to wedding venues. They can rent out space in their favourite library or museum for that extra special personalized touch. Private homes with sprawling acreages of lands or family mansions are other locales popular in the world of today’s weddings. If couples do not like the idea of a big reception, they could have a small, private party at their favourite gourmet restaurant.

Styles of Food

The multi-course sit down dinner is likely to be a timeless staple when it comes to wedding receptions. However, it’s not the only option out there. One beloved trend is the mansion style affair. Instead of a cocktail hour followed by dinner, hors d’oeuvres are passed throughout the entirety of the event. Brides with a sweet tooth will love the ever increasingly popularity of a dessert bar or Venetian hour, where guests can indulge in chocolate fountains, cakes and ice cream sundae bars in the later hours of the evening.

Whether a couple is looking to host their reception in a traditional catering hall or a unique venue, the wedding doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. The thread tying these trends together is the fact that they allow the couple to personalize the event to their desires.

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