10 Terrific Throw Pillow Styles That Say “Wow!”

By Rachael Lynndover

Let’s face it, many home décor projects are expensive and cost a lot of time. One of the most frustrating things can be to plan a home décor project on paper and then as it is created in your home – to realize it just isn’t what you hoped it would be. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to 10 terrific throw pillows that always add that “wow!” factor you’re hoping for.

You often don’t have to change an entire room to get a fresh look. Sometimes changing the throw pillows can give your living room that great makeover you are hoping for. The key is to take the time to look at the room objectively and to decide which throw pillows would be best for the room. Ask your friends and family for their opinions too, and then choose your favorites!

#1. Vintage. This is a popular style; some might call it “shabby chic.” Something old-fashioned and reminding you of your Grandmother’s favorite throw pillows. Whether it has a sweet rose or a pretty pattern, the vintage style is an easy favorite of many.

#2. Country. Many enjoy decorating in the country house style. It is comfortable and homey, but not necessarily overly casual. The colors are pretty, sometimes soft like pastels and other times more bold and bright. But country style is always warm and welcoming.

#3. Modern. If you choose something modern, you probably like the latest styles or re-decorate often. Sometimes the works very well with a living room with a minimalist style too. Modern throw pillows can be bold and bright or sometimes they can come in neutral colors. Often they are very artistic and graphic. Sometimes they are a bit individualistic.

#4. Patterned. This is a fun style to pick for your throw pillows. Whether you choose checks or dots or hounds tooth or another type of pattern, adding a pattern to your throw pillows is very easy on the eyes. Some say that patterns only work for big rooms but remember that throw pillows are small items so these work fine for even small rooms.

#5. Stripes. A striped throw pillow can be a bold or a softer look, depending on the type of stripes it has. If it has thick, wide stripes it will look much different than if it has thin stripes. It will also look much different if it has multi colored stripes than if it is a single color of stripes.

#6. Totally Groovy (something out-of-the-box like a 1960’s print). Often the homeowner who picks something totally groovy has a bit of a sense of humor. They want a touch of whimsy in their living room. They also want throw pillows that are a conversation starter, which people will notice. The key to choosing this style is to make sure they don’t overwhelm, that lots of other colorful things aren’t competing for attention with them.

#7. Floral. This is one of the most popular throw pillow styles. It is very feminine and classic. You’ll find floral throw pillows in many styles, featuring just about any flower you can think of. Whether it is the red rose, the bright and bold sunflower or charming, free spirited wildflowers, there are throw pillows that have them too.

#8. Photographs. You can find throw pillows that are now custom made with your photographs. This is a fun choice in home décor for your living room, something homeowners haven’t been able to do before now. Imaging having throw pillows that feature each grandchild, or with photos from your son’s wedding or graduation.

#9. Quilted. This is a classic and old-fashioned type of throw pillow. We’ll be impressed if this throw pillow is handmade by you! Quilted throw pillows can be bright and colorful or soft and pastel. The quilted style fits well with many home décor styles.

#10. Bold Color. One of the hottest trends in home décor today is having bold color in your throw pillows. Some homeowners may be a little intimidated to do this in their living rooms, but you can add a little bold color and have fun with it. The tip is to look at a color wheel and see what bold color will compliment the colors you already have in your living room. If your living room now has burgundy and navy blue, consider a bold color of red or blue, either of those would go well with that color scheme.

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