Accent Lighting Fixtures to Perfectly Highlight Your Home Furnishing

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When you are decorating your house, it is important to pay attention to the lighting fixtures that you are going to use. Let’s say that there is a walkway from the gate of your home to the doorstep. Unless you have a bright lamp post outside, you would need some form of illumination for the area so that guests and family members will not trip on their way to the door. Fortunately, you can always rely on traditional and LED lighting fixtures to provide illumination for your home.

If you would like to save on energy bills, it does pay to go with LED lights over the traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Light Emitting Diode lights are more energy-saving, they last longer and they have a multitude of applications including accent lighting.

Where to Install LED Accent Lighting Fixtures

When used as accent lighting, LED lights are ideal because they give off a not-too-bright yet enough glows to the item that you are trying to highlight. To give you an idea about how you can use LEDs as an accent lighting fixture, here is a quick list of where you can install them:

Under the cabinet in the bathroom.

One of the most common LED lighting fixture used as accent lighting for most homes is a LED Light strip. These are composed of high-powered LEDs which can be in the traditional white or yellow color, or other hues for decorative purposes. These LED strips also have an adhesive back to make it easier for you to stick them almost anywhere. The one place that you can start installing LED strips is under the cabinets in your bathroom. If there is an area where you place all your toiletries, this is where you can install LED strips as accent lighting.

Under the cupboards in the kitchen.

When preparing meals at night, it pays to have LED cupboard lights so that you can easily find the items that you need in the kitchen. LED cupboard lights or under counter lights are also useful for providing better overall illumination for your kitchen.

In the vanity of your bedroom.

In the master’s bedroom, make sure to use accent lighting in the vanity. These typically require brighter LED lights than the rest of the house, especially for women who are using it to put on makeup.

On the walls, where there are pictures or paintings that you’d like to illuminate at night.

Finally, you can use LED strips as a form of accent lighting on your favourite framed picture or painting. Instead of leaving all the lights off at night, you can light up these LED strips to provide some form of lighting and not leave your home completely dark. Not only that, but lighting them up when you have guests come over will surely make them notice the piece that you are highlighting.

Accent lights are a must-have if there’s a particular furnishing or part of your home that you would like to highlight – and LED strips are perfect for that.

To give you an idea about how you can use LEDs as an accent lighting fixture, here is a quick list of where you can install them:
Under the cupboards in the kitchen
In the vanity of your bedroom

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