Rustic Wedding Decorations

Ah! What a sublime thought! You and your partner have vowed to devote a lifetime to submerge in the true depths of each other. You have made up your mind to wake up every morning just to behold the sight of your beloved. You cannot think of coming back home to anybody else, other than your partner… And you are capable of filing a lawsuit against Almighty, if he thinks of tying you up with anybody else except… you know the answer… your partner! (No brownie points for knowing it though!) On an honest and sincere note, marriage is a communion of two souls, where one soul holds the reigns of a relationship and the other commands the sanctification of true love. Two souls are intertwined to make one heart.

Wedding is an occasion where wooing is in the air, where the birds tweet too-wee tao-woo in the most melodious monotone, where the waft of gentle breeze romances your hair and caresses your skin and croons your coy gestures… ah! A time in one’s life where a subliminal yet magical aura abounds you and transcends you with utter elation. When feelings et al are grandiose, why not the decorations compliment the sentiments… with a twist; let’s get better… with a rustic twist! If you have been thinking about how to make that special D-day, all the more meaningful and magical, then here is some useful resource coming your way! We are here to deliver some rustic wedding ideas that will blow off your guests (pun not intended!) and make them exclaim innumerable ‘wows’!

Rustic Nuptials

You may chose to have your wedding in a pergola or a gazebo with wedding bells ringing, surrounded by eloquent relatives and guests. With such pompous declarations of love and togetherness, we seldom let the ethereal earthiness take a backseat. Yes, I am talking rustic. Rustic weddings can add a flavor of the countryside where the atmosphere is dewy, the air misty and the belongings too hamlet in appearance and demeanor. In a nutshell, it carries a village-y feel that perhaps proceedings in a pergola may lack. Here is what you must look into when you are set and ready to go rustic.

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