4 Tips To Repurpose Your Fur Coat

If you have been using your fur coat for too long, then it may be very old by now and you may be thinking of selling or throwing it away. But before you do that, you should think of repurposing the fur coat into interesting items that can be of use to you. And to help you do that, we list below four things that can be created from your old fur coat.


Turn Into A Bag

If you are short of bags or simply would like to add another bag to your collection, consider turning your old fur coat into a bag. Fur bags are now a popular style statement. But at the same time, they are very expensive. Considering that you already have the raw materials required to create it, why throw out or sell the fur coat when you can repurpose it into a fur bag that looks amazing and posh? However, do remember that this restyling will involve a lot of work. As such, this is a job that is best left to the professional furriers.

Make A Rug

If you are not able to restyle the fur coat into a bag, then you should look into repurposing it into a rug. The fur will go well with any room and add a rustic yet classy character to it. So, check out which room in your home needs a large rug, and then cut down and stitch the fur into a rug that fits the room. Be sure to only put the rug in a room with matching or complementary color for maximum effect. Now, if you need to dye the fur into a new color, then it is better to get a professional to do the dyeing job.


Shape It Into Collars

A good way to use the fur coats to add style to your other dresses in the closet is to cut the fur coat into collars. You can then attach the collars as and when necessary to the clothes you wish. Adding the fur collar will definitely bring a lot of character to your clothing. And do remember that the clothing item need not be furry for you to use the fur collar.


Use as Stuffed Animals

If you have a child at home, then you should think of repurposing the fur coat into a stuffed animal. As long you have good enough craft skills, you should be able to easily cut down the pieces from the coat, and then stitch it to make the outer covering of the stuffed dollAll it now needs is the filling. Once done, seal off the holes in the stuffed animal and gift it to your child. They will definitely love the soft feeling of the doll.

And if you don’t want to repurpose the coat, then think of donating it to a homeless guy or any other poor person at the nearby charity hospital. After all, using the coat to help others definitely beats throwing it away or selling it for cheap. You can also consider giving it to the nearest animal shelter.


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