Wedding Dress Concerns

Brides aren’t the only ones who worry about wedding dresses. Those who make wedding dresses, as well as those who alter wedding dresses, also have concerns that are common. Here are the top 5 concerns for all involved.

1. Bride overwhelm because of too many choices.

There are literally tens of thousands of wedding dresses, both old and new, multiple styles and colors. Brides might walk in with an idea of what they want and change their minds over and over. When they get frustrated, they often take it out on others. Therefore, it helps having a professional who knows the proper questions to ask so they can help a bride find what she’s really looking for.

2. Wedding dress prices are all over the place.

A used dress could cost as low as $200, but won’t be very good. A used designer dress could cost as much as $3,500. Brand new dresses, depending on who puts it together, can run between $350 for a knockoff of a designer dress up to $10,000, and that’s for the normal consumer, not a celebrity. Working within a client’s budget can be helpful if the bride is cooperative, but if she wants something that’s outside of her budget, that creates a much different kind of stress.

3. One never knows which way a bride’s weight will go under duress.

Quite often, a bride’s wedding dress might need to be altered up to the day before her wedding because of drastic weight swings. If the bride’s weight goes down, at least it’s easier to alter than when the weight goes up. If the weight gain is dramatic, no one feels good about it.

4. Some brides will select wedding dresses that don’t fit their body type

Dresses that won’t flatter them during their wedding. If a professional works with them in any way, they’ll end up taking the blame regardless of whether they did as little as tried to make the dress look a little better.

5. The idea of perfection is strong, but the reality is something else.

There are no perfect weddings, and there are no perfect wedding dresses. Designers, those who alter wedding dresses, and even the brides themselves will hope to get close, but everyone needs to realize that if something goes wrong, it’s not a big deal. Some brides have said that their wedding day was the worst experience because of a flaw with their wedding gown. If everyone recognizes that the most important thing on one’s wedding day is getting married, the day will go much smoother and enjoyably.

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