Stylish and multi talented artist ‘Dasha’

Dasha is a very stylish, talented and highly skilled actress, host and music artist. Her career started professionally shortly after graduating from UCLA. She started working in the lab with her still producer Rob Deez and started working heavily with a wedding band every week. So she starting with this ... Read More

Unknown Nicknames of Bollywood Celebrities

We all know that Kareena is nicknamed Bebo, her older sister is Lolo and her husband is the Chhote Nawab. Bollywood has many more celebrities who have the weirdest, most unexpected nicknames, that you probably didn’t know about. Her childhood buddy Varun Dhawan had given her the nickname of Chirkoot. ... Read More

We Need to Talk….

They are the most dreaded words in the English language.  Whether it’s saying it or having to hear it no one, and I mean no one wants anything do with those four words.  Lucky for us the recently released film We Need to Talk presents this scenario on a comedic ... Read More