Women Diamonds Jewelry Designs

Women Diamonds Jewelry  with Ideal/Excellent cut grade proportions will return the maximum amount of light to the viewer's eye, the diamond jewelry style will appear more brilliant and beautiful as a result. Blue Nile recommends selecting the highest cut grade possible within your budget in order to maximize the brilliance ... Read More

How to Choose Quality Diamond Jewelry

  Every woman loves diamonds. Diamond jewelry can be fascinating. Indeed, diamonds are mesmerizing. Men purchase diamond rings when proposing a marriage. Sure, diamonds are expensive. However, if you follow a few simple tips you will be able to purchase quality diamond jewelry at fantastic prices. Yes, it might be ... Read More

Advantages Of Nickel Free Earrings

Itchy, red, cracking, and draining earlobes are some of the symptoms experienced by people allergic to earrings with nickel in their content. The Mayo Clinic contends that nickel allergy is a very common form of dermatitis occurring when nickel comes in contact with skin. Most people who suffer from this ... Read More

The Significance of Engagement Rings

A wedding is an event, as well as it denotes an incredible approach to commend the delight and bliss in the life of love birds. Marriage symbolizes the union of two souls and bodies, which are intended to be associated until the end of time. This is not only as ... Read More

Three Jewelry Trends to Try Right Now

Late summer is a bit of an in-between time for shopping. You’ve purchased all your closet additions for summer, but it’s too hot to even picture shopping for fall knits. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with a little something new this August, try focusing on jewelry. It’s that ... Read More

Five Top Tips for Buying a Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring is an exciting, thrilling experience in itself; because a diamond ring is often bought, whether as a gift, gesture or for one’s self, as an extremely personal item it can also prove tricky and even an emotional undergoing. Further, it can also prove an expensive and ... Read More

Engagement Ring Shopping Made Simple

For most men shopping is a task they could avoid forever. Purchasing trousers with a shirt that is a match is enough to put them into panic let alone when choosing a piece of jewelry that will solidify their relationship forever. Picking out an engagement ring is difficult for most ... Read More

Tips On Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Many jewelers now offer the option of purchasing loose diamonds to be set into an engagement ring or wedding ring setting. This allows you to "build" the perfect ring for yourself or your bride-to-be. Diamonds are graded by leading gem laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) and ... Read More