How To Find Your Life Partner

Probably the most important decision you will ever take in your life is that of choosing a life partner and the best thing you can do regarding this most important decision is to pray about your life partner and for God’s will and His leading in making the right decision. ... Read More

Findings of Latest Research on Love

By Nino Dan Scientific research has shown that the concept of love at first sight is a real thing. It takes less than a second for someone to fall in love with someone else. There are many different areas of the brain that are affected when you fall in love, ... Read More

My Husband Doesnt Love Me Any More

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How To Marry A Great Man

By Maria Causley As uneasy and unsightly as it may have been at times, most of us recall the old days of arranged marriages and feel that it least it took a lot of tension out of the courting concern. Your parents hooked you up and you spent the rest ... Read More

Signs That Your Husband Does Not Love You

One of the areas where women are well gifted at is intuition. This can greatly help you to determine what your husband is going through even before he tells you anything. You will be able to detect when things are not going on well although you may not know exactly ... Read More

Using Body Language To Flirt

By Mike Francis Whenever dudes flirt with a pretty lady, they tend to focus attention on 2 items. Firstly is their looks, what clothing they are dressed in and how their hair style looks. The 2nd vital item to the majority of men is their favorite pick up lines. A ... Read More

Simple Guide In Finding Accommodation

By Doris Dillon When you plan a wedding, debut, or any other occasions, one of the most important matters you should put on your check list is the accommodation. We all want everything to go according to plan and you need to find that perfect place where you can celebrate ... Read More

Find Your Future Husband

15 Ways to Find a HusbandPerhaps you don't meet people in the course of your daily life, or you're not connecting with the right type of person. First of all decide what you have to offer to a future partner, by working out what sort of things interest you. No ... Read More

Top 10 Tips to Sustain Your Marriage

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