A Level ideas and sketches of dresses

ideas and sketches of dresses

creative figure drawing for fashion design
This fashion collection was inspired by wild fires and explores the theme of possession and loss. The work includes experimentation with sustainable Air Dye technology and has fabric printed on both sides. The use of colour and mottled surface pattern creates a visual links with burnt skies and grey ash; strengthened by the stunning figure drawings that emulate this style. Avoiding the common cookie-cutter approach to figure drawing, as in this example, helps to make the designs more riveting and communicate the mood of the garment.


fashion design sketch
While the majority of the sketchbook pages we have featured here contain an vast array of mixed media and creative approaches, it is worth remembering that sometimes the best approach is just to draw. In this example, quick gestural drawings investigating function and form are all that are needed. Beginning with lighter lines, darker lines are applied with confidence as each concept is resolved.

 T.Shirts sjketches 

t-shirt fashion design
This presentation has a confident, analytical, graphical style. The project boasts clever and bold heading colours,which link to the design, without dominating the page. The inclusion of photographs helps to inform and illustrate stages of development (students should be careful they don’t use this to space-fill, however), considering pattern, form and colour alternatives.

 A Level design

ALefashion design studyThis sketchbook illustrates an excellent strategy in a fashion design project. A photographs of a conceptual model (the cardboard dress on the left) has been drawn over, developed and extended. The work of relevant artists and designers has been analysed and dissected, helping to inspire patterns and a bold aesthetic.

fashion pattern design
The left-hand images in the sketchbook above show analysis of existing clothing items, demonstrating an understanding of construction methods, such as seams and fastenings. This knowledge is essential if students hope to prepare their designs for actual production. The right-hand side shows pattern adaptation and technical flats, using confident, precise, analytical drawings.

 fashion design concept ideasThese

sketchbook pages have a gestural, immediacy about the work – loose, uninhibited splurging of ideas onto paper – exactly how a sketchbook should be. Original drawings show connections to objects explored first-hand (i.e. the gas mask) with strong tonal contrasts and dramatic forms.


fashion design research pages
These sketchbook pages are the unequivocal result of effort, passion and enthusiasm. Although ‘decoration’ is usually unnecessary within a textile or fashion design sketchbook, in this case, the background patterning demonstrates a complete understanding of the aesthetic; a strong personal response to the colours, shapes, textures, lines and forms of the work studied.


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