Cufflinks for Wedding: How To Coordinate Accessories With Your Wedding Theme

Choosing a wedding theme is important in setting the tone, mood and overall look of the most special day of your life as a couple. It incorporates every aspect of your wedding from the gowns and suits to the invitations and decorations. Indeed, even your choice of cufflinks will depend on the theme you have chosen for your wedding day.

Your theme may be inspired by the colours chosen for the bridesmaids’ dresses or by the location of your reception venue. Once the location of the wedding has been determined it will be necessary to decide on a dress code. Lounge suit and formal dress codes are the most common.

With the dress code confirmed, it’s possible to set about finding the perfect pair of wedding cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen. Your cufflink choice will largely be determined by your dress code as well as your wedding theme. Let’s look at the options:

Lounge Suit Celebrations

‘Lounge suit’ is an appropriate choice for a more relaxed and casual wedding celebration. The lounge suit dress code essentially involves a single breasted suit worn with a crisp shirt – a tie is optional depending on the season and the location. This is the perfect dress code for a city cocktail, beachside or garden wedding.

Choosing cufflinks for a lounge suit dress code is relatively easy because of the great deal of choices available. Silver cufflinks, coloured cufflinks and novelty cufflinks are all fantastic options. Silver cufflinks are a classic choice that you simply can’t go wrong with. However, if you choose a colour as the theme of your wedding it’s wise to select silver cufflinks with highlights of your chosen hue.

You can also express your sense of fun with a pair of novelty cufflinks that reference the venue of your wedding. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from and you may like to choose a different design for the groom and each of the groomsmen.

Black Tie Affairs

Formal weddings are also very popular. For men this involves a tuxedo and bow-tie and for women a beautiful and elegant evening dress. Everyone enjoys getting dressed up and a ‘formal’ or ‘black-tie’ dress code on an invitation creates a special kind of excitement and anticipation for your event.

It’s essential to select a set of cufflinks that fit the occasion. We highly recommend polished silver cufflinks and if you would like to add colour do so sparingly. Less is more and a high-shine set of silver cufflinks will make a sophisticated statement.

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