hand made embroidry dresses 2015

Many fashion-forward designers have adopted this beautiful trend of hand embroidery. Their dresses consists of grandeur traditional hand embroidery that speaks for it designer aesthetics. But the cuts and draping by the designer apart from the already added magnificence of hand embroidery depicts overall exclusiveness of a dress. This is a tunic with intricate traditional Multani hand embroidery is an epitome of Pakistani culture.



After Pakistan transmitted towards industrialization; Hand embroidery has earned quite of extraordinary importance. Hand embroidery is an art of designing the fabric using thread, yarn, and a needle. As this meticulous work of embroidery is quite time-consuming it has been industrialized as well. Now machines are being used to design fabrics using various threads and yarn to produce amazing masterpieces. But yet again, the proficiency and craftsmanship in the hand embroiled designs are irreplaceable. In addition, the painstaking skill of human resource provides it the extra worth.

The embroidery is not merely based on thread and yarn but other materials such as diamantes, stones, sequins, tinsels and metal strips are also being used to augment the exquisiteness of this attractive stitching and embellishing practice. The exploitation of needlework to bedeck attires has been around since man began to wear clothes. Embroidery as an art form has its origins, which can be traced back to the Iron Age. There are several excellent examples of beautiful embroidery work from Ancient Egypt, Pakistan, China, Persia, India, and England. Each country has its own distinctive embroidery style, which incorporates their particular culture.








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