New Film Documents the True Cost of Fashion

For the next two years, he decided to devote himself to documenting the untold story of the people and places that pay the price for the clothes we wear – the result of which is the documentary film “The True Cost,” which premiers worldwide today.

“Before making this film, there was so much I didn’t know because I was one of those people who didn’t really think about what I wear,” Andrew Morgan, director of “The True Cost,” told TriplePundit in a recent interview. “The [apparel] industry is built upon the assumption that you and I don’t care and we won’t ask questions about how our clothes are made. I want to reveal the curtain and show people what’s going on, so we can all say that we want something better.”“When you spend time in these countries with these people, the reality of the impact is felt on a really deep level,” Morgan said. “You can hear a statistic and it can sound distant, but being in a place where you’re seeing waste pollute local water, where 80 percent of children are sick, you see that this isn’t hypothetical – you see that this is a reality.”

While the film does a formidable job of giving a voice to the silent soldiers who sacrifice much to make what we wear and fuel our Western way of life, the one voice that is palpably absent from the film is that of big fashion retailers – those global companies who undeniably have a say in how our clothes are manufactured and marketed. According to the film, producers invited a number of major clothing brands (none specifically named) to be interviewed, but they declined to comment.

Considering that the trillion-dollar apparel industry is the second largest polluter in the world (behind the oil industry), not saying anything says a lot.

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