An exclusive interview with actress Isobel Hyland

We recently had a conversation with a talented actress Isobel Hyland. Sharing it with our readers here.

SheMag : Our readers would like to know about the start of your professional career.

Isobel Hyland : I started my career in England, and I started on the stage before I started on the screen. I was involved in plays and musical theatre in Oxford and London. My career in film developed when I had just finished a play which ended up being turned into a film. I learnt through the making of that film that I loved it, and being a part of the process and acting for camera. I thought it was a very different but enlightening experience to that of acting on stage.


SheMag : Are you inspired by someone in the entertainment industry?

Isobel Hyland : I am inspired by so many amazing actors and actresses. I love Meryl Streep and how each of her characters are so different. I also love Sophie Turner and how she turned her first role as Sansa Stark, where she had no acting experience, into such a huge character. I admire anyone who is an Actor because the world is so complex and as Actors we get to provide an escape from the real world by telling stories to audiences.


SheMag : What made you come to LA from England?

Isobel Hyland : I fell in love with film back in England and wanted to learn more and so chose Los Angeles to further my career. I came here to network and be surrounded my other people who have more experience than myself so I can learn from the best.


SheMag : What projects you have been doing recently ?

Isobel Hyland : I have several Films in the film festival circuit right now and many have won awards. I have worked with my friends on a few of these projects, all who have the same drive and passion and I think that has really helped in acting in the films and also helped them succeed. The quality of the work that I have produced is so much better when you can tell the actors, crew and people involved actually care about the work. The type of projects have varied from Comedies to Dramas and the mix between the two is always interesting.

SheMag : In how many films you have performed up till now?

Isobel Hyland : From both England and America it would have to be close to 20.


SheMag : Do you ever think that you could have done a bit better in any particular role?

Isobel Hyland : I believe there is always room for improvement with every role and am always looking to learn and improve.


SheMag : What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?

Isobel Hyland : Feeling that you are being a good enough role model. I think anyone on any platform has the power to set an example and I think making sure you are being positive and supportive to all.

SheMag : What do you do when you’re not doing any project?

Isobel Hyland : Create, and learn! Keeping an acting class going whilst you’re working professionally is always necessary to keep your technique up. As with any craft there is always more to learn and acting is a craft you need to keep working at if you wish to improve.


SheMag : What’s the best method to stay in touch with on social media?

Isobel Hyland : My Instagram is isobel_hyland. I post updates on my career there.

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