Peruvian actress plays the girlfriend of a bisexual man to promote Safe Sex

With the goal of reaching more young Latinos, a first-of-its-kind campaign uses real-life situations to create positive discussions.
We interviewed Paloma Fevi at the premiere of the AltaMed ‘Free To Be’ sexual health campaign and she told us what the project is all about.
So Paloma, who did you play?
I played the girlfriend of a man who ends up sleeping with another man. This happens at a party, and the girlfriend, of course, doesn’t have a clue. The scene starts when I walk into the party with my boyfriend. He noticed another man, they start flirting, and while I was talking with my girlfriend, they went off to the bathroom to have sex.
Was it awkward to play that role? I mean, your “boyfriend” ends up having sex with a man?
Not at all, I know this is a sensitive topic, but I really enjoyed playing this part. It is very important for people to talk about things that are uncomfortable and be aware of sexual health. 
What’s the message you want to send?
The message of the spot is to create sexual health awareness between two men. It shows same-sex relationships – from intimate to casual hook-ups. But let me be clear, the focus is definitely not to make women think that they cannot trust men. The goal is to educate gay and bisexual men because they are at risk of getting STDs, including Syphilis and HIV. These scenes are real, and I am glad we are starting a discussion. 
Where can we see the spots?
If you want to see the whole campaign visit or . You can also find a lot of information about STDs and HIV on those two websites. The campaign will also be all over social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so go check it out!
Actress Paloma Fevi attends the premiere of the AltaMed ‘Free To Be’ sexual health campaign at the Target Terrace Lounge on April 6, 2018, in Los Angeles, California

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