9 essential types of fur to know

Fur is a luxury style statement. Some of the famous fur clothing across the globe includes – Fur coats, jackets, vests, hats, boots etc. If you are planning to buy men’s mink coat or rabbit’s fur boots – It is good to know different types of furs and its qualities. Take a look at the below list of fur types and their trait

 essential types of fur to know

Mink fur is the most famous and the best sold fur in the world. Lightweight and extremely smooth texture is the key trait of mink fur. Sheared mink has luxurious and velvety texture while long haired mink has lustrous, soft and dense fur. Mink fur feels amazing to touch and is a luxury to flaunt.

Rabbit fur is the second most popular fur known for its super soft texture. Some of the key aspects of rabbit fur include – versatility, attractiveness and most importantly inexpensive price. Rabbit furs can be easily knitted, dyed, sheared or moulded to make unique designs to resemble expensive and denser furs like chinchilla furs. essential types of fur to know

Fox fur is one of the trendy furs in fashion industry. The main highlight features include: ultra lightweight, lusciously warm, magnificently soft and full-furred texture. Fox fur is the best for high fashion trims on mittens, collars, wraps and headbands.

Beaver fur is known for its lustrous shine and durability. Beaver fur is exceptionally warm, be it in sheared form or in full length form. Fur thickness and softness are the major characteristics. Beaver fur is super flexible for styling and can be easily dyed in playful colours to cope up with the ever-changing fashion.

Chinchilla fur is the rarest and expensive fur in the world. What makes it stand out in the crowd is: extremely light weight, assures extra warmth, buttery soft texture, ultra silky fur and lustrous guard hairs. However, chinchilla fur needs extra maintenance for longevity.

Fox lynx fur is pretty popular for its distinct coloration – which ranges from medium brown to golden beige or white and is typically spotted brown. Fox lynx fur feels softer than fox fur or coyote fur. Fox lynx fur assures extra warmth with its dense underfur.

Mongolian and Tibetan lamb fur is off late the high-flying fur in fashion industry. Some emphasizing features include: long and curly furs which are highly fashionable, lamb furs are heavier when compared to the rest of furs, cheaper than other furs and guarantees extra warmth.

Raccoon furs usually make stunning collars. Raccoon furs are dense, fluffy, soft, lofty and super warm. Raccoon fur is famous for its attractive colourings. If taken good care raccoon fur can assure permanence.

Coyote fur is famous for flexibility and beautiful highlights. Coyote fur colours vary from off-white or yellowish-grey to greyish-brown. Coyote fur makes lovely trim on cuffs and collars. It is also the preferred fur for hats, blankets and coats.

Have you decided your fur already? Now that you know the basics, buy the best men’s mink coat.

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