Clean Out Your Closet This Summer!

The party of the summer is in an hour and you’re ransacking your closet for something to wear. Your friends have planned this summer bonfire for the past month, and you’re dreading disappointing them by your chronic tardiness. By this time, you might as well say “I’m lat because of who I am as person” rather than your usual slew of excuses. The thing is you genuinely have nothing to wear, or at least you can’t find anything that you had planned. All you can know is that your outfit definitely needs to be on point because you don’t want to be the only girl looking shabby.

SOPHIE_MAE_STYLEThere’s that one orange romper, but it would only go well with that loose kimono cardigan you got the other day. But who knows where that cardigan is, I mean might be under that huge pile by your hamper, might be in the dryer, or somewhere stuffed in one of your drawers. If you could only find that cardigan, you could pull them both together with a chunky necklace and some gladiator sandals! By the time you scramble together an outfit suitable for the event, you’re running two hours late and barely make it in time for the s’mores. As you’re eating and squinting into the sun, you think, “Man, if only I remembered to bring my sunglasses.”

If this scenario sounds the least bit familiar, it is time to enlist the help of Sophie Mae Style. She is a premiere fashion stylist who delights in cleaning out and revamping the closets for many “I have nothing to wear” clients. In fact, her 2016 New Year’s resolution was to cut down on trendy “fast fashion” pieces that will end up just cluttering your valuable space. She believes that in American it is so common to have too many clothes, yet still believe that you have “nothing to wear.” This is where her service of a ‘Closet Update’ will come in handy! She will come over to your house and declutter your closet by helping you organize and showing you which pieces you need to donate. She will also suggest a personalized list of key pieces to add to your wardrobe.

This summer she will probably suggest you get a pair of “Edge I- Wear Jasmine” rose gold sunnies. This summer, mirrored sunglasses are a huge trend and at $10 apiece, these stylish shades are hard to beat. She also promotes unique dresses by Jonathon Simkhai. His dresses are edgy yet feminine, and guaranteed to stand out.

Sophie Mae Style ‘Closet Update’ will make sure you’re on time and on point this summer. By helping you organize your closet, and injecting a few signature items, getting ready will be a breeze. Check out her services-


Company Name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Melody Tong
Phone: 310.734.6848

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