I’m a girl that knows what she likes!

I graduated in 2012 from Central Washington University’s College of Arts and Humanities, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I’m proud to say that I work for a fortune 500 company, and one that I have dreamed of working at since I was that toddler choosing my outfits, Nordstrom! As I am still adjusting to “post-grad” life, learning to be financially on my own, and entering the real world I enjoy spending time with friends, family, getting into the groove of my career.

How does one describe their sense of style in words? As I’m writing this and my closet doors are open staring at me…it all starts to click. My fashion style is no better described than, the perfect eclectic mix of me. It changes from day to day. Just as we feel different everyday, your style should reflect your attitude and how you feel. Of course there are trends or pieces I gravitate toward, but I like keeping things fresh and updated. I have an eye for style, and how things will look together as a whole. That is a difficult thing for some people and I love to help put together outfits for those who need some guidance. Whenever I’m stressed out or feeling down, I love creating new outfits from my closet, trying on pieces to mix and match, come up with something new, it’s such a good feeling and it’s free!

I think my number one rule of thumb with fashion is; comfort. If you are not comfortable walking in 6” heels, skinny jeans, or wearing a collared blouse, don’t wear it. Just because it’s the new “must have” or “hottest designer”, doesn’t mean it will make you feel good, and doesn’t mean you will look good in it. There’s nothing worse than being miserable in an outfit that you don’t feel good in. I think fashion is all about learning to dress for your body and comfort zone. As for me, I know what I feel/look good in, and I love creating that every day.

Fashion has always been such a passion of mine; I am so lucky to work at a fashion company where I get to wear fun, fashion forward clothes. I love seeing what other people are wearing and what works for them. Fashion is such a great outlet; it has always been my niche. I think its fun to see how your style evolves and grows with you over time. I love waking up and picking out the perfect outfit, I know if I feel good in my outfit that I will have a fabulous day!

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