Yes, the New Year has already begun, it`s actually almost March. You’ve written down all your new year’s resolution, undoubtedly you want to make this year better than the previous one. You took a pen and wrote down that you will make some changes, you will eat better, you will exercise more often, you will try something different, you will change the way you dress and make it more comfortable, and you will take risks and learn new things. It`s all about making a better and healthier version of yourself. Now in general things don’t work out themselves through the night, right? You have to work really hard to get the wanted results. But one thing you can really change in a daytime it’s the way you dress. Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed by all those form-fitting clothes? Are they making you uncomfortable and the most important they don’t represent the person that you are? Have you ever thought what really skinny jeans do to your body, to your circulation?

If this questions got you to really think about all the aspects of choosing the right clothes for you and changing the way you dress, don’t dwell on it, it`s not a bad thing, especially when there are companies like buddha trends that got your back. They are remarkable in doing their job, all the way from Canada with worldwide shipping are delivering their super comfortable and fashionable clothes to strong women that own unique style and “dress to impress”. If all this seems too much to handle at once, take one step at a time and you`ll get there. Start with what type of person are you, are you this fun, cheerful person and you want the clothes to actually represent your character? If so, you can maybe choose the style that you want to go with, so that things can become a little easier for you. Are you the “hopeless” romantic type of girl-going for lace and florals and girly prints, or maybe you are this free-spirited hippie girl-wearing over-sized harem pants with patterns and prints; or even vintage-going with some plaid fabric, below the knee length dresses and skirts and/or vintage patched super-chic denim. The variations are truly limitless and of course, there are no definite borders between them. Whatever you choose, be true to yourself, feel comfortable and the true confidence will come in no time. Then go with what feels right on your skin. Choose healthy materials that let your skin to breathe. Mostly there are a lot of different garments that you will be unfamiliar with but don’t panic. The best fabrics for your skin are cotton, linen, and denim. These are all natural fibers, which will keep your pores open. Then one of the most important things, knowing your body shape. There are four types: apple shape-where shoulders and bust are wider than hips, banana- where waistline is only about nine inches slimmer than the shoulders or hips, pear shape- where hips measurements are much wider than the shoulders and bust area and the “insidious” hour-glass body shape which is commonly believed to have the perfect ratio between shoulders waist and hips, which is hips are same with shoulders and really slim waistline. Now, I know that this may all sound ridiculous with all this fruit and everything, but consider this, when you do know what body shape you have, you will be just one step away from finding your perfect and body-flattering clothes.

Release your true self and dive into the almost magical feel of comfortable clothes. Ones you go there, there is no turning back. You`ll absolutely love it. You will create this new “easy on-easy off” mantra, and any type of clothes that are below that will be dismissed.  You don’t have to make compromises anymore and to weight down and choose between being chic and being comfortable when you can have it all. Experiment with oversized clothes, and let your imagination run wild. Think outside the box with the loose cut, combine pieces you never thought you could and achieve yourself to completely different level to where people will look up to you as the complete fashionista as you are. Be yourself and make yourself happy with the clothes you wear.

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