How Does a Premarital Counseling Session Go?

By George Kleban

You and your partner have decided to go through Premarital Counseling. Congratulations! You are on the right path before getting married. Naturally, you may ask , ?What will be done to me??, ?How will the counseling go??, or ?What will I tell them??. Don’t be worry too much, it’s not a test, there is no correct or incorrect answer. Just remember to pay attention and give honest answers and everything will be fine.

Most religions require a premarital counseling session before a couple walks down the aisle. While some may see this as a waste of time, premarital counseling serves a very important purpose. During this session, the couple learns more about each other, and at the same time hears words of marriage wisdom from their priest, pastor, or even therapist.

Here are some basics you will find out during your premarital counseling session.

1. The reason why you are getting married
Is it because someone told you to get married? Is it because there is a child on the way? You have to clarify your reasons on why you are looking at marriage, both as a couple and as an individual. It should be because of love and wanting to spend the rest of your lives with each other.

2. Are you ready to get married?
Are you mentally, spiritually, financially and most important, emotionally ready to get married? A couple should not get married if they themselves feel there is any doubt about walking down the aisle.

3. Do you know who you are marrying?
Do I really know who my future spouse is? Is your relationship just physical? You will be asked how well you know your future spouse by discussing each one’s good points and flaws. And more importantly, after discussing each one’s flaws, can each person still accept the other? The hardest thing to say after a marriage is “I made a mistake”

4. Are you compatible to each other?
The couple will see if they share the same personalities, outlooks, goals and religion. If not, how do they work it out?

5. Your lifes after marriage
What will your married life be like and what are you expectations? Topics like taking care of finances, having children, where to live, and communicating with each other will be openly talked about. Here you learn that as a married couple, you have to discuss and do things together.

6. Should you walk down the aisle?
This is more than just asking if you are ready to get marriage or you are getting married. It is better to know that the person you are marrying is this right one. Are you compatible, financially ready, emotionally ready? We have heard of couples deciding that marriage was not the solution after a few premarital counseling sessions due to the issues addressed above. In the end, as heartbreaking as it can be, asking premarital counseling questions is vital to the success of a marriage.

Remember that pre-martial counseling is a very important step for before the big day. The wedding will last only for a day, the marriage will last a lifetime.

Are you going to Premarital Counseling soon? We can answer your questions here.

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